5 Inventive Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom for the New Year

According to real estate experts, the two rooms that can make or break a sale are the kitchen and bathroom. Refurbishing a bathroom may be a considerable investment; however, it is worth it when Annapolis homeowners figure how much energy and water can be saved. A modern bathroom also adds beauty and extra resale value to the home. With the help of qualified plumbing professionals, these are some things to consider for updating a bathroom:

Annapolis, MD bathroom-remodeling-servicesSoaking Tub

For centuries, people used huge, portable tubs for bathing. Our modern twist on this bathroom icon is the soaking tub. Current bathroom styles eschew the old, attached fiberglass tub in favor of a sleek, luxurious soaking tub. They come in several different shapes, styles, and colors to compliment any bathroom décor. Soaking tubs are an artistic focus for the bathroom that can create ambiance of a personal spa.

Dual Flush Toilet

A major consideration for bathroom remodels is having fixtures that conserve water. Not only does it help homeowners with their water bills, but it is greener for the environment. Today’s toilets have dual flush options that control how much water is needed, because some flushes do not require as much. Experienced plumbing technicians can help people choose the right toilet and install it in their new bathrooms.

Heated Flooring

It is aggravating to step out of a soothing, warm shower onto a frigid floor. Bathroom professionals offer homeowners the option of installing heated floors. After the old floor is removed, the plumbing technician installs a maze of polyethylene tubing that circulates warm water from a dedicated water heater. Then, new flooring is installed over the system. The result is warm, radiant heat that keeps the feet cozy after a bath or shower.

Digital Showers

Another aesthetic way to save water is with digital showers. The professionals will install a water-proof touch pad into the shower wall. With a touch of a button, homeowners can set the temperature, pressure, and water usage for the ultimate shower. Some models have dual controls for a double shower head. Larger showers mean that two people can shower together comfortably to save time and water.

Custom Vanities

The old chest-of-drawer style of bathroom sink vanities is passé. Lots of people who are having their bathrooms overhauled are choosing custom vanities to compliment their decorating theme. Some of these vanities have floating shelves and other special features that require experienced plumbers to install the pipes and hardware properly. A custom vanity can add beauty and interest to a new bathroom.

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