Top 5 Plumbing Myths

You are finally a homeowner and have no idea how to handle your Annapolis home’s plumbing. With so many myths being offered as advice, it can be difficult to tell which plumbing tip is real or just a myth. If you are unsure about what is true or what is false, then lets go through 5 plumbing myths that you should forever avoid when it comes to the health of your pipes.

Annapolis, MD plumbing_services_3601.Running Water Pushes Waste Through the Garbage Disposal

There are many homeowners who believe that if they turn on the water and let it run while the garbage disposal is on that the waste will move through the disposal much more smoother. In actuality, it’s important to know that 90% of food particles do not belong in the garbage disposal, and should be broken down before actually doing so.

Items such as eggshells, grease, and banana peels can damage your disposal, which could possibly require a full replacement. If you just have to place food in the disposal ,then take the time to break them down first with water and then place them in the garbage disposal.

2.Lemons Will Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

The old age idea that lemons will clean your garbage disposal is nothing more than a myth. Lemons are known to make a disposal smell better but never has it been known to actually clean. Your garbage disposal houses millions of germs,which is why it’s important that you use a cleaning solution that consists of bleach, a mild soap and warm water. Be sure to turn your disposal off before spraying so that you can actually scrub the disposal properly.

3.Hand Soaps Clean Plumbing Fixtures

Of course it depends on what type of fixtures you have, but overall hand soap has been known to be harmful to fixtures. Any Fixture made of brass should only be cleaned with baking soda or cut lemons. When it comes to your toilet try using disinfectant spray instead of hand soap.

4.Drains Don’t Get Clogged When Things are Still Going Down

Your garbage disposal might still be operating but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t at risk of getting clogged. If your disposal is leaving fragments of waste in the discharge pipe, or if it’s moving slow then more than likely it’s developing a clog. Avoid using it until you have the problem accessed to keep the problem from becoming bigger.

5.Fixtures Don’t Need a Lot of Maintenance

Plumbing fixtures need just as much maintenance as any other plumbing structure in your Annapolis home. Many homeowners have no idea that there is a brewing problem just waiting to surface. Pipes can be obstructed by wayward tree roots, clogs, and or shifting foundations. Not getting your plumbing fixtures checked from time to time can lead to expensive repair, such as pipe replacement or sewer line replacement.

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