Annapolis Bathroom Remodeling Services

Looking to spruce up the look of your bathroom? Need to reroute plumbing lines to accommodate new fixtures? Let Heidler, Inc. take care of your Annapolis bathroom remodeling needs. Call us at (410) 268-7191 for upfront rates.

Annapolis Bathroom Remodeling Services
Updating the plumbing in your bathroom is a process that involves several components. You will need to choose the new fixtures you would like to install, in addition to making sure all new plumbing lines are rerouted correctly. Leave all of the work to Heidler, Inc., your Annapolis bathroom remodeling experts.

What paperwork is involved?

Building permit regulations in many cities and counties require prior approval before any remodeling work can begin. This means that a contractor needs to receive an approved permit from the local planning office before changing plumbing lines, adding capacity, or even changing fixtures and faucets.

Codes and standards change every year as new issues arise, with “green” standards being some of the most recent changes for improved plumbing efficiency. Failing to comply with local standards lead to a hefty fine after an inspector comes into the home for another project or during a house sale.

Are you choosing the right plumber?

Make sure you enlist help from bathroom remodeling professionals who will follow all plumbing codes and standards.

Another issue homeowners should be aware of is the level of expertise required when completing plumbing projects beyond installing simple fixtures. Failure to make a plumbing change correctly can lead to a pressure leak and major water damage.

When you choose Heidler, Inc., you are working with the experts in bathroom remodeling. We specialize in complete bathroom upgrades, from shower and tub installations to sink and faucet replacement. You can rest assured we will get the job done on time and on budget.

While performing plumbing upgrades yourself can save you on labor costs, you may end up paying for improper installations or updates that do not comply with local standards. This is why we recommend working with plumbers you can trust. Heidler, Inc. will make sure your bathroom remodeling plans become a reality—while keeping all work compliant with local codes and regulations.

We guarantee professional plumbing upgrades and will fix problems other contractors have created. Call us today at (410) 268-7191 for quality bathroom remodeling at guaranteed upfront, flat rates.