Annapolis Sump Pump Repair & Installation

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Sump Pump Services Annapolis

We often receive calls from customers asking to have their sump pump repaired or replaced. Keep your home safe from excess rain and snow with your local Annapolis sump pump service technicians at Heidler, Inc.

Why do you need a sump pump?

Do you live on a floodplain but don’t have a sump pump? Is your current unit malfunctioning? Avoid flooding in low-lying areas of your home (such as basements and crawlspaces) by installing the right sump pump for your needs. Sump pumps keep your home from retaining flood water and help keep your property safe from water damage.

If the water level rises above your home’s foundation, it can seep into your home and cause short circuits. A sump pump is a necessary investment that can save you thousands on water damage repairs.

What are the different types of pumps?

The type of sump pump you install will depend on your home’s needs. Below are three main types we install and repair:

  • Water-powered backup pump: A water-powered back-up sump pump operates without electricity or a battery. It uses your municipal water supply to power the pump. For every gallon of water used, a water-powered back-up pump will remove two gallons from the flooded area.
  • Submersible pump: Submersible sump pumps are the most popular, as they can be submerged with no adverse effects on the motor. They are also easier to handle and prove more efficient.
  • Battery back-up pumps: Battery back-up pumps operate off a battery in the event of a power failure. It will automatically kick on when your primary pump stops working.

During an initial home visit, we will determine the ideal sump pump for you based on your home’s needs and the surrounding area.

What are common problems?

Below are common sump pump problems we will help you solve:

Pump switches that become stuck

Your sump pump is guided by a float switch. As the water level in your sump pit rises, the switch floats up; this powers the sump pump on when excess water starts to rise above your water table. If the switch is clogged or jammed, the float switch can become stuck and leave your pump running.

The switch may also be accidentally disabled if the sump pump starts leaning along the edge of the pit; this can lead to difficulties flushing out excess water.

Short-cycling pumps

A short cycle occurs when your sump pump continuously turns on and off, reducing your pump’s efficiency and lifespan. This problem is often the result of a sump pump liner that is too small for the actual pump; this leads to water being discharged much faster than the liner can fill, creating a short cycle.

Frozen discharge pipes

This prevents excess water from leaving your home. We recommend attaching a grated discharge line to your existing line. This grated line allows water to easily flow out if the main discharge pipe is frozen or blocked.

Faulty check valve

As water is discharged out of your home, it passes through the sump pump check valve. This valve prevents discharged water from entering the sump pump again. If your check valve is missing, or if it is not working properly, we will install or repair it for you.

If you notice these or other problems, contact us for immediate help. We will repair or replace your sump pump so you can avoid costly water damage.

Think your sump pump is the wrong size? Is your unit not working as efficiently as it used to? Let us help you solve the problem. Call us today at 410-268-7191 for guaranteed quality solutions at a flat rate.