Does Your Water Heater Meet The Standard

The 3 Main Water Heater Regulations

The new water heater regulations have been strong statements that ought to be given apt attention by all Annapolis homeowners. In an attempt to ensure trying to use less energy for making hot water, the new water heaters are all to be put in line to meet these stringent requirements…

Annapolis, MD water-heater-servicesThicker Insulation

Most household have got water heaters that work nearly all day long. The regulations demand better insulation to be thicker by 2-4 extra inches, on the sides on the top and the bottom to make the heaters more energy efficient.

These are specified for the small ones which operate on 20-30 gallons of water. The extra insulation traps the heat better and, hence, leads to lesser fuel or energy consumption depending on the type of heater used.

Liquid Venting

Bigger heaters are to be technologically reworked upon for the efficiency gains, keeping the energy factor standards in mind. Concerning heaters such as the 55 gallons, in gas unit types, a conventional heater, with chimneys to vent the flue gases is no longer allowed. It is a mandatory to set it up as a condensing water heater.

This variant of the heater works in such a way that it uses up a lot of fuel. The temperature of the flue gases is going to be so low that the fluid exists in the liquid phase instead of a gas. Thus, a chimney is no longer needed, but rather, PVC or a plastic pipe to vent the condensed liquid out of the system. This provides an advantage of a controlled delivery or a venting system with required focus on the proper materials of the pipes to withstand the operating temperatures of the fluids.

Hybrids and Efficiency

Electric heaters beyond the 55-gallon capacity are not allowed to be manufactured. In such cases, hybrid varieties are used, which trap waste heat from the room or the surroundings, and transfer them into the system for heating. This hybrid variety is 50 percent more energy efficient but comes at a price premium.

The new standards will increase efficiency by an average of 4 %. Though, the debate is about how the new unfamiliar technologies in bigger heaters, like the electric heat pump and gas condensation, would be accepted and understood by the conventional customer. The fact that the new smaller heaters, being an inch or two larger, demand a compromise on size and space occupied, also raises questions in the minds. Arise and awake Annapolis plumbers! These are busy times.

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