HVAC Tips You Don’t Want Miss Out On For The 4th of July

HVAC Tips You Don’t Want Miss Out On For The 4th of July


Our country is lucky because we get to celebrate it every year. The 4th of July is an important national holiday that commemorates the day we gained our independence.

With the school season ended, it’s also the perfect time to kick off the summer with a party and fireworks. Planning a party is exciting but how many people make plans on how to stay cool during this celebration?

Staying cool is easy thanks to our AC units, but there are other methods we can apply that can help with the cost of running it. Here are some HVAC unit tips you won’t want to miss out on for this year’s celebration.

Hydration Keeps You Cool

stayhydratedWe know that if we turn our AC on, we’ll stay cool and comfortable without worrying about the temperatures outside. The downside to this though is that our unit will have to run more often and the electricity bill will skyrocket.

Rather than relying on a lower temperature from an appliance, lower your own body temperature instead. By drinking a glass of cold water, you’ll help yourself stay hydrated and your body will lower its own temperature naturally.

Your tolerance for the heat will actually increase because of this. It’s about as easy as lowering the thermostat but your body gains more benefits from it!

Don’t Forget to Change Your Air Filter

airfilterEven if you’ve known about the air filters before this, it still needs to be said. Air filters are an important component of an AC unit. It captures the dust, dirt, and pollen that floats around in the air before it can pass into your home.

This is especially helpful if you’re throwing a 4th of July party and you have a grill going. You can expect doors will stay open with all your guests moving in and out and that will allow the smoke to enter your home.

By cleaning and replacing your air filters regularly, your AC unit will not have to exhaust itself by the blocks a dirty filter can create. This will also save you money and expose you to fewer pollutants and allergens.

Preventative Maintenance is Essential

preventativemaintenanceAs a final HVAC tip, if you’ve never considered preventative maintenance for your AC unit, now is a good time to start. If you are hosting this year’s 4th of July party, the last thing you would want to happen is for your AC to stop working.

Preventative maintenance can help in a number of ways. First, it will ensure that your AC is running as efficiently and effectively as it should. Second, you’ll be able to recognize when a part needs to be replaced. Third, you’ll reduce the chances of it breaking down on you unexpectedly.

A 4th of July party is what everyone wants to do, but remembering to stay cool is what everyone needs to do. The festivities and excitement can be ruined easily if the heat becomes unbearable. If you think your HVAC unit might be in need of service, give our company a call. We’ll be happy to book an appointment with you and provide a consultation.