How To Keep Cool on The Longest Day of Summer

How To Keep Cool on The Longest Day of Summer


It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the midst of summer, and for those that are always looking to cram the most fun possible in a day, June 21st might easily be your favorite day of the year. Not only is it sure to have warm temperatures, but it’s also the longest day of the year, giving you plenty of sunlight to have a blast!

What do you have planned to do? Are you going to have a barbecue? Are you going to the beach, or maybe you’re staying at home with the family? If you’re planning to stay home, below are some fun and economic ways to help you stay cool this summer, while enjoying your great outdoor plumbing and cooling off with the world’s best air conditioner – water.

Use Boogie Boards on Your Sprinkler and Slide

sprinklerandslideIf you’re looking for a fun way that you can help you and your family stay cool during the summer, you can set up a slide in the middle of your sprinkler system.

You can get a big roll of some plastic sheeting. This can be found in the section where the paint supply is. Once you have this, you can set it up in your yard and let your kids’ friends with boogie boards slide on the sheeting.

It’s a fun and cool way that anyone can cool off. Best of all, while your little ones splash, you’ll also be watering your lawn, killing two birds with one stone.

Use Your Garden Hoses to Have Hose Fights

hosefightsWant to help your kids keep cool during the hot summer days? You can organize hose fights. This can be a lot of fun and it can cool off pets, too.

If you want to keep an eye on your water usage, you can also get some water pistols and fill them up to have water pistol fights.

But if you’re looking for the big splashes, then definitely set up the jet function on your hose and get to work setting up battles between your kids.

Do Leaky Balloon Relay Races with Water Balloons

waterballoonsfightThis is a fun way that you can keep cool while keeping active during the summer and it’s perfect for a party. Fill plenty of balloons up with water and put them into a tub made of plastic. Then set up a playing field with two containers that are exactly the same at one end.

It’s best if they’re clear and make marks on the containers using a dark permanent marker close to the containers’ tops. Divide into two teams and line them up where the containers with your water balloons are.

Poke a hole in the balloons and then have the team members race to the bucket at the other end and allow the water to dribble into the buckets. The team who fills up their bucket to the line wins. These are three fun things that you can do anytime this summer to help you and your family to stay cool.

Rather than keeping the kids inside, why not get outside and enjoy the warm summer sun? Whether you decide to make a sprinkle and slide, you want to have water pistol and hose fights, or you are going to have a water balloon relay, there are a lot of things that you can do to keep cool in the summer heat.

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