Understanding Water Discoloration

3 Reasons Why Your Water Is Discolored

H20 is supposed to be clear and pure. When your water has a cloudy appearance or even a hint of color, there is something wrong. Your first reaction is to panic thinking that your water is unsafe. Actually, your water is simply trying to tell you that something else in the home is not right. It doesn’t mean that the water is safe or unsafe, it means you need to do further investigation to find out where the problem lies.

Annapolis, MD Water TreatmentOld Pipes May Be To Blame

If you just moved into a home or your home is older, orange or reddish tinted water could be an indication of rusty pipes. While we think that pipes are supposed to last forever, they won’t. Sediment can fill up in these pipes and if the particles move when the water is turned on. Though it is not aesthetically pleasant, it’s really not harmful. However, older galvanized pipes are notorious for this kind of water discoloration. A plumber will advise to re-pipe the house to avoid ruining clothes and being able to use the water for cooking.

Hot Water Heater Issues

The hot water heater can be the cause of that murky water too. If the water has that rusty hue to it, it may not be the pipes that are causing the issues. Sediment also fills on the bottom of the hot water heater. The tank can become heavy from the sediment and eventually it can affect the quality of water. A hot water heater that is spewing sediment needs to be replaced. Again, it won’t harm the family, but it is an indication that the tank is about to quit working altogether.

Water Main Break

If you live and have water on a city system, it could be a water main break that is causing the problems. Don’t always jump to the conclusion that it is your home that has the issue. When there is an issue of this nature, the city will typically put an announcement on the news and radio. If you’ve missed the announcement, you can call the water authority in your local area to find out if you’re under a boil advisory. If you have cloudy water and are not in the city, you could have a break in the lines to your own home. Only a plumber can diagnose and repair this issue.

Water is essential for every facet of living. Without it we cannot brush our teeth, bathe, and do dishes and laundry. When the water system is not functioning as it should, it’s time to call for professional help from a plumber. A plumber can quickly access the situation and find a reasonable solution.

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