Plumbing Tips To Keep Cat And Dog Hair Out Of Drains

Having a pet is a huge responsibility. Pets can add wear and tear to carpets, furnishings and plumbing in your Annapolis home. Keeping drains and pipes free from clogs and chewing can be a daunting task, but can also be accomplished in a few simple steps.

Annapolis, MD Drain Cleaning ServicesPrevent Fur Clogs

Giving your dog a bath is a great way to keep their fur looking great and keep dirt and debris off of their skin. Dogs with longer fur can tend to shed year round and so clogs can happen. The best way to keep fido’s hair from clogging your drain is to use a drain strainer. This will catch the fur and keep it from building up in the pipes and causing a clog.

Cover Exposed Pipes

In bathrooms and kitchens we can sometimes see exposed pipes. Small animals (puppies) really love to chew and do not make a discerned difference between pipes and chew toys. Be sure to cover these exposed pipes to keep them out of fido’s mouth. Chew scores can not only damage the pipe, but may also cause fido to get sick if piping material is swallowed.

Open Drains And Pipes

Places like laundry and utility rooms can sometimes have open drain pipes. These are a multifaceted issue when animals are in the home. First, hair and fur from the animals can build up and cause drains to become clogged. Second, kittens and toy breeds of dogs and puppies can fall into these open drains and get caught. This is not only a nasty clog, but the animal can become harmed.

A third issue with open drains is the possibility of animal toys or other refuse falling into the drain and clogging it. Make sure that all open drains have some form of covering that cannot be easily removed or pushed aside. If an animal does happen to fall into an open drain, call a professional immediately.

Do Not Flush

Many cat products claim to be flushable. This is simply not true. The only thing that should be put into a toilet to be flushed is human refuse and toilet paper. Cat litter will build up and cause clogs in your Annapolis home’s pipes. As the litter is flushed into the system, it will cause scratches and abrasions to the piepes that can eventually cause breaks and splits to the pipes. Do not ever flush cat litter.

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