Make an Effort to Celebrate World Water Day

Make an Effort to Celebrate World Water Day

World-WaterIt’s a day on which we recognize the significant resource challenges facing those around the globe. The studies show that 1 in 3 people still lack access to a clean toilet in their living space. While the World Economic Forum has stated they believe the water crisis is the number one risk around the globe today.

It’s an ongoing struggle driven by overuse of resources and a growing population. In this latest post, we’ll highlight World Water Day and your role in reducing water use in your local region.

What is World Water Day?

Wasting-waterWorld Water day was formed in 1993 by the U.N as a way to formally highlight the water resources issues taking place in locations such as Africa and the Middle East. Millions of people in these regions are unable to access clean water.

This has caused the spread of dangerous diseases such as cholera and dysentery. A lack of water is also considered one of causes behind global food shortages, as millions lack the resources of clean their local foods and prepare their meals.

What Can You Do?

You might think of World Water Day as an opportunity to learn more about the crisis taking place around the world. First and foremost, you should research the issues and become more aware of the ways in which water deprivation is having an impact globally. Secondly, you can take actions at home to conserve your own local water use. Consider the following:

water-dropUsing the dishwasher only when it’s full

Many of us simply run the dishwasher to ensure that a specific item is cleaned ready for the next day or an upcoming meal. Try to use your dishwasher sparingly as it’s one of the leading uses for water around the home and can use 6 gallons of water per cycle.
Educating others

Once you’ve learned more on the world water crises, you can take the opportunity to talk with others about the global challenges we face. This process can help you build community groups and amplify your involvement in conserving local water resources.

Limiting your showers

Instead of those long and luxurious showers that can waste 15-20 gallons of water each time, why not opt for shorter 5-minute showers? This process will reduce your water use and mitigate your impact on local resources.

Our expert team is here to guide you in moderating your water use around the home. To learn more about World Water Day and what you can do to conserve water resources, call our Annapolis, MD team now at (410) 268-7191.