Easy Tips for Going Green

Easy Tips for Going Green

Earth Day is happening this year on April 22, and you might be wondering how you can go green to help celebrate. And if you’re worried that going green might take too much effort, or time, or money, then you’ll be happy to know that being eco-friendly only requires minor changes to your habits. It doesn’t take any more time than your current routine, and can actually save you money! Don’t believe us just yet? That’s ok, here are some easy tips you can use to go green, save the planet, and finish the year with more money in the bank.

Ease into Going Green by Reducing Water Usesave-water_480

Modern technology and innovations have made it easier than ever to save water, and you can conserve thousands of gallons annually withlow-flow toilets and water-saving faucets and shower heads.

And if you want to be more proactive with water-conservation habits around the house, try taking shorter showers, turning off the taps when you’re brushing your teeth and using lower water settings on appliances.

Transition into Energy Savings

Everybody wants to save energy because saving energy means saving the planet and saving money. And what if we told you that there’s a huge money pit sitting in your basement right now? Your conventional storage-tank water heater is an energy guzzler!

Not only does it waste tons of energy keeping water hot when you don’t need it, but it also loses about 20 percent of the energy it uses when heat escapes from the tank. By switching to a tankless heater, you’ll save energy, save money, have a longer-lasting water heater, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water again.

Save the Planet by Saving the Bottle

Bottled water has become a hugely popular method of hydration, and many Americans buy bottles because they’re cheap, convenient, portable, and cold. But those same bottles that make this type of water so convenient are also what make bottled water so detrimental to the environment.

For one thing, millions of barrels of oil are used each year to produce the bottles alone, on top of the fuel needed to ship the bottles around the country. Moreover, most of those bottles don’t get recycled, which is why there are over 2 million tons of bottles in landfills around the country. So what’s the alternative? An even more convenient and affordable water filtration system for your house.

Make the Leap with a Reduced Carbon Footprint

carbon-footprint_480If you want to lower your carbon footprint, the key is to wean yourself and your family off fossil fuels. There are three major categories of activities you can focus on to reduce your carbon footprint, and they are:

  • Transportation: Opt to leave the car at home more often, and instead bike, walk, carpool, or bus to work, school, and outings
  • Plastics: Stop using grocery bags and instead bring reusable ones to the store, don’t buy overly packaged foods, buy in bulk, and, of course, stop buying bottled water
  • Energy: Save the planet and tons of money by switching to energy-efficient lights and appliances. Seal your house with insulation and weather stripping, install a programmable thermostat to keep your house warmer (summer) or cooler (winter), and turn off lights, gadgets, appliances, and electronics when you’re not using them

We’ll be happy to help with your transition to greener living and can come by your home at your earliest convenience for plumbing and maintenance calls.

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