How to Create Clean Air For Fall


The summer edition of spring cleaning is here! As summer comes to a close, it’s time to eliminate the summer debris in your house to create clean air for the fall. Never heard of summer debris? You wouldn’t be the first, but it is a thing!

Because of summer barbecues, bonfires, pollen frenzies, and trying to keep up with gardening and lawn care, summer tends to leave a bit a waste behind. To prepare for fall, here are the best ways to clean up any debris you might have left, and remember to turn up your heater!

Clean the Air With New Air Filters

airfiltersAlthough buying new air filters is a common, easy tip for creating clean air, it is seldom done. Why change filters before fall begins? Temperatures can rise and fall throughout the beginning of fall, so you might need to turn on the heater one day and the AC the next.

As fall progresses, temperatures will start to drop and you’ll want your heater to be running efficiently. However, if you don’t have clean filters, the hot or cold air has a hard time traveling out of the furnace and the system can overheat or freeze up.

Not to mention the increase in energy bills that you’ll experience from these inefficient air systems. So how do you know if your air filter needs to be changed? Take a look at your air filter. Do you notice a musty smell? Is it covered in dirt or dust? These are the signs that it needs to be replaced. If you live in a high pollen region, have pets, or have members of your household with asthma or allergies, you should be changing your filters every couple of months.

Use Nontoxic Chemicals

When you start to clean the dust and dirt inside of your home, it’s best to use cleaning agents with nontoxic chemicals, so they won’t interfere with your air quality. Here are a few items you might have around your house that you can use to get rid of dirt and summer debris.

  • nontoxicchemicalsWater + Vinegar: This combination is great for cleaning bathroom tiles, showerheads, and sinks.
  • Tea Tree Oils: Not only do tea tree oils act as warriors against mold and mildew, but they also can be added to an oil diffuser to purify the air.
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda can neutralize odors, eliminate mildew, and clean stains on clothes, carpets, or furniture.
  • Lemon Juice: Lemons and lemon juice are great for cleaning kitchens because they are effective at killing off household bacteria.

Check for Gas Leaks

checkforgasleaksIt is extremely important to check for gas leaks before fall begins as they can be a cause for serious health concerns. If you notice a whistling sound coming from a gas line, a rotten egg smell, if you feel dizzy or nauseous being in your home, or if you have gas bills that are higher than normal, you may have a gas leak.

If you leave this untreated, it could cause carbon monoxide to sweep through your home and cause serious illness or even death. If you suspect a leak, call for support immediately to help repair the issue and keep the people in your home safe.

If you have any questions on creating clean air for your home this fall, call Heidler, Inc. We’re here to help you enjoy your home in any season!