Clearing the Air in Your Home

Indoor Air Pollution

Annapolis Air QualityIndoor air pollution happens. It is just a fact of life. It doesn’t matter how air tight your home is or how clean you keep it, dust, pollutants, skin cells, pet dander and really anything else is going to eventually lead to all sorts of problems inside of your home.

That is exactly why you need to look at ways to reduce your indoor air pollution. There are some methods you’ll need help with from a professional, but there are also areas where you can perform the upgrade yourself

New Air filter

Switch out your HVAC filter. If you life in most areas of the country, switching it out once every three months is probably fine, but if you live in a dry and dusty location, such as the desert, you need to have it changed once a month.

There are also air filters designed for households with pets in order to remove even more pollutants form the air. Invest in these to improve air quality inside of your home.

Clean Carpets

Your carpets absorb just about everything, including air pollution. Every time you walk on it you kick up this pollution, whether you see it or not. Vacuuming can help, but it doesn’t do all the work. First, make sure you switch out the air filter in your vacuum often. Also, bring in a carpet cleaner annually to deep clean the carpet.

There are just some problems your vacuum cannot correct.

HVAC Inspection

You want to do this annually as well, usually in the spring when you are not using the heat or AC. With the HVAC inspection the professionals are going to come and clean the unit, which helps, and they can also repair cracks and other damage, which leads air pollution into your home. All of this should significantly improve the air quality inside of your home.

Space Air FilterAnnapolis Air

These are nice for cleaning pollutants out of the air in an individual room. The space air filters look like fans and work in a similar manor by bringing in the air from the back end, and filtering the air by pushing it out the front.

Oftentimes this comes in a fan/filter combination but many of these space air filters use the same kind of filter your HVAC unit uses, which is great for sleeping and for improving the air quality in specific rooms of the house.

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