Learn How Plumbing Maintenance Can Help You Save Money

A typical water heater is designed to last about 15 years. If the one in your household is that old, it is probably time to start looking into replacing the unit. There are many technologically advanced water heater units on the market that are designed to help lower energy consumption. It is quite understandable that not all households are able to acquire these energy efficient units. Hence, this article is designed to assist the individuals (who are unable to upgrade water heaters), with ideas that will aid in reducing their current water heater energy consumption. These are a series of long term energy saving tips that households will benefit from.

1. For households that insist on using an automatic dishwasher, it is beneficial to invest in an Energy Star certified dishwasher. These technologically advanced units are tested and proven to use up to 30% less energy and water. What this means for an aging water heater is less and efficient working.

2. A second appliance that will need upgrading to ease the workload of the water heater is a laundry washer. This also should be Energy Star certified. This new washer is designed to cut back on the water consumption and in turn reduce the energy bill over time. Is it also advisable to reduce the amount of laundry requiring hot water. It is best to leave the clothes to soak in warm water for 15 minutes before the wash, than use hot water and wash immediately.

3. Since not everyone is able to purchase a water heater with a built in timer, it is still possible to acquire a secondary timer and install it to the current heater. This timer enables household members to manually control whenever the heater units are operating. For example, it can be programmed to operate during the morning and evening when most residents take a shower. If the unit is properly insulated, the water that is inside the heater during the ‘off’ times, should be sufficiently heated to conduct other daily activities.

4. Insulation has been proven to dramatically reduce energy consumption over the long term. The tank needs to be insulated, as well as the first few feet of pipes on the water heater that is exposed the ambient temperature. This maintains the temperature for longer periods of time as the water journeys through the pipes.

5. Finally, homeowner should replace high flow showers and faucets fixtures with some low-flow ones. If the home was constructed pre 1992 and none of the fixtures have been upgraded, this is the best time to do it. It will cut the water usage by up to 30% without any additional advancements.

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