Who’s Picking up Your Plumbing Bill?

Who’s Picking up Your Plumbing Bill?


Is there anything worse than getting home after a long day of work, and a stressful commute home, than opening your front door to find that a plumbing catastrophe has taken place in your absence?

Honestly, I think not. What makes the entire situation worse is knowing that once the mess is all cleaned up, you’ll be stuck with a plumbing bill to pay…but maybe you won’t have to pay that bill yourself.

If you rent your home, you should know that your landlord may be responsible for fixing the emergency plumbing issues in your home. Let’s take a look at why your landlord has to pay, and how much they are responsible for.

How Much Does Your Landlord Have to Pay For?

landlordpaysWhen you sign a lease to rent an apartment, you agree to pay monthly for your living space, and your landlord agrees to provide you with a comfortable living space.

That means that when you have a plumbing emergency that threatens your comfort and personal safety, your landlord has to pay to fix it.

Flooding caused by a backed up drain can lead to harmful bacteria in your home, and any kind of excess water in your home can lead to mold and mildew growth, which can lead to a host of respiratory and health issues.

Plumbing Repairs For Rental Homes


As long as you rent your home, you won’t have the responsibility for emergency plumbing repairs.

If you own your own home, however, there is no landlord to take on that responsibility for you, so it falls on you.

If you own a building or house, but you hire a management company to handle the rental operations, then the company becomes responsible for plumbing repairs. In some cases, even as a renter, you may be required to pay for minors repairs.

Your lease agreement may also stipulate a specific amount, below which you agree to pay for plumbing services. If your emergency repairs cost more than the agreed upon amount, however, the responsibility falls back on your landlord again.

Consult Local Rules And Ordinances


Always remember that there are certain laws and local rules that protect you as a renter.

In some cases, your landlord may be under legal obligation to cover the cost of any emergency plumbing repairs that tenants like you might incur.

The specific legal requirements your landlord can be held to vary somewhat from one state to another, and even from one city to another. Always check local rules and ordinances, to see precisely what your local government has to say about your landlord’s responsibilities to you with regard to plumbing repair costs.

If the cost of plumbing repairs has been keeping you from calling for plumbing services in your home, you can stop worrying about that now!

Now that you know the responsibility of paying for your emergency plumbing repairs falls on your landlord, you can call Heidler, Inc. for all your home plumbing needs. Our experienced plumbing technicians are ready to help you with plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance in Annapolis, MD.