Drain Clog Prevention


Drain CleaningWhy Does a Drain Clog?

This happens because of the way that we use our drains. People might not even notice this in their everyday life but water is not the only thing that goes down our drains. Because of this, we end up with clogged drains that contain hair, food, insects, plastic, etc. If you know what goes down your drain, you might be able to start paying more attention and preventing clogged drains after conducting Drain Cleaning services.

Lets take this one step at a time. Starting with the kitchen sink, things like food and grease end up down the drain just because of the everyday task of washing dishes.

How to Prevent Clogged Drains?

You can purchase a catcher for a very inexpensive price at your local grocery store or hardware store. This goes directly on your drain and will catch any food particles while still allowing water to go through. Unfortunately, this will not catch grease but the food is the most important part anyway. You can dump whatever food gets caught in the trash can and then continue.
Next, we move to the bathroom. Here, hair and soap scum are the most drain clogging items. Eventually, these things will build up in the drain and create a line around the drain. All it takes is one piece of food or clump of hair after to this clog the entire drain and require a call to the plumber or a trip to the store to get some serious drain cleaner. To keep this from happening, you can use the same method as your kitchen. Buy a catcher for your bathroom sink and your shower. This will catch clumps of hair and anything else that tries to make its way down your drains.

When it comes to other ways that a drain can be clogged, basically anything can fall down the drain including jewelry, bottle caps or even toys, especially when you have children. Drain cleaners will not help this situation. It definitely requires a plumber so try to avoid this at all costs. The catchers will help if anything falls but if you have scandalous children, try to keep them away from the drains without supervision.

Drain clogs can be a big hassle for anyone and causes frustration. They are an unnecessary nuisance and if you pay more attention to what goes down your drains, you can easily avoid clogged drains in the future.

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