The Newest Toilet Tech is Here!

The Latest Toilet Technologies

When indoor plumbing was first introduced, nobody could have imagined the innovations that would come along over the years. However, as with other aspects of modern living, technology has made its way into the bathroom of cities all over the world, including Annapolis.

Because the lives of many people have become more stressful than ever, the bathroom is now a place to relax after a difficult day. To help with this, engineers have created toilets that use technology in a variety of interesting ways.

Annapolis, MD | Toilet TechnologiesIf It’s Comfort You Want

If there is one thing most people want today, it’s a comfortable toilet seat. That’s why engineers have developed toilet seats that can be heated up automatically to provide a warm and comfortable experience for everyone.

Rather than sitting on a cold toilet seat, a person can now simply push a button and have their toilet seat warmed up in a matter of moments. To go along with a warm seat, many toilets also come with dryers and massaging sprayers to make the experience even more pleasant. And to make sure a person is totally relaxed, many toilets even come with built-in stereos to let people listen to their favorite tunes.

There’s a Golf Ball in the Drain

Through the years, people have always complained about how easily toilets can get clogged. To solve this problem, manufacturers decided to use a combination of siphoning and water line pressure to give the toilets more power than ever, virtually guaranteeing a clog-free bathroom.

And to prove their point, engineers even used more than two dozen golf balls being flushed down a toilet to show just how clog-free newer models have become.

Let’s Check Your Blood Pressure

Believe it or not, you can now purchase a toilet that will work with you to maintain good health. If you or a family member have medical issues, toilets have now been made to monitor pulse rates, body temperatures, weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels whenever a person is sitting down on the toilet.

Quickly gaining in popularity with many senior citizens, these toilets are expected to eventually become a common part of many bathrooms. In fact, some companies believe that over the next decade, these toilets will be as common in a bathroom as a toothbrush or medicine cabinet. You could possibly have one in your Annapolis home soon enough.

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