Start Preparing Your Home for a Brutal Winter

Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has found a blob of unusually cold temperature in the North Atlantic south of Greenland. This cold is confusing scientists who are recording the hottest year on record. It may be why we had the one of the coldest, most brutal winters on record in the Northeast last year. We’ve heard many horror stories of entire plumbing systems including the freezing up of septic tanks when this had never happened before. Whether or not this winter will be a repeat remains to be seen.

Annapolis Winterization TipsWhat Should You Do About It?

We pretty much know about sealing up around our windows and doors to save on heating bills. It is what we don’t see our plumbing that needs attention this year. Making sure that all bases are covered is not a do it yourself project. You will need a full review of your entire system by a professional to be sure you don’t suffer the same damage this year. In some cases some structural changes may need to be made. Here are 5 tips for winterizing your home:

Follow the Water

1. Your plumber will turn off the main water valve that supplies your home from the water company. If this valve is rusted or does not work properly he/she will replace it. If you have a well the well pressure tank will be drained. 2. Next, he/she will open and drain all faucets both inside and outside and flush all the toilets, empty all toilet bowls and remove and clean all clean out plugs. If there is a floor drain in the basement it will be drained and filled with antifreeze. At the same time he/she will check all pipes leading to appliances and replace any cracked ones. Drain plugs will be replaced and the system filled with antifreeze. 3. The water heater is next. The power will be turned off at the electrical box. The thermostat will be turned to off or pilot. The cold water line will be closed. Then the tank will be drained by attaching a hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank with the water drained off outside. 4. If the home has a septic tank it should be drained at least once a year, preferably in late fall. This will ensure that there is less liquid in the tank and less likely to freeze. 5. Insulation. Insulation will keep your water warmer longer and save energy. Most of all it will prevent pipes from freezing. This is critical. The insulation should be wrapped around the pipes and fastened securely. As you can see this work requires a professional plumber who can ensure that all parts of your system are winterized.

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