Plumber Recommended Techniques for Unclogging a Sink

If you have ever experienced clogged drains and sink and nothing seems to work, getting frustrated only brings negative impact on your health. Instead, by calling a professional plumber, all your Annapolis, MD home’s clog related issues will be taken care of instantly.

There are many areas in a house where drain clog can occur. Kitchen is the most notorious area for this type of incidence. Taking drastic measures in order to unclog the sink may worsen the problem if not done correctly. What you can do in the future is prevent this mishap from occurring in the first place.

Annapolis, MD draincleaning_720Things To Do To Prevent Clogs

For this, make a home-made solution and pour it into the sinks and drains clogged by food and other particles. Try to use a plunger by forcing the drain to clear. Use warm water to fill the drain and wait for a few minutes before flushing it. Continue doing this until the drain is clear.

Using Special Tools To Remove Clogs

If the above step doesn’t work, you could use drain snake. A drain snake is sold in any home improvement store and is a powerful tool in removing the clog. Carefully insert the hooked end of the drain snake into the clogged drain and move it downward to reach the bottom of the drain until the hook is able to latch onto the source of the clog. Gently shake the clog until it loosens and slowly retract the tool along with the particles responsible for the clog.

Powerful commercial tools for unclogging are used by plumbers when the debris beneath are hard to remove. Unclogging solutions are sometimes used for this purpose. Make sure to read the label and follow the instructions carefully. Better yet, leave the task to a professional plumber. While applying the solutions, the plumber will see that it is not harmful to the surrounding or causing adverse effect on the drains and sinks. After a while or after the debris are removed, flush the drain or sink down with water to make sure the path is clear.

Seeking Professional Help

On many occasions and in homes that do have garbage disposal or latest sinks and drain models, you may encounter stubborn clogs that strictly need professional help. No matter what you do, these clogs are hard to go. Remember not to overexert yourself or else you are doing permanent damage to your Annapolis plumbing structures.

Unclogging a sink is a job for the pros. Call Heidler Plumbing at (410) 268-7191 for plumbing service in your Annapolis, MD home!