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Saving Money With Preventive Plumbing Maintenance

One of the biggest investments a person can make is in the purchase of a home or business. To preserve this investment it is essential that it be maintained in a manner that allows it to operate at top efficiency at all times. In addition to general upkeep, it is essential that the building’s water system be adequately maintained. A breakdown of this system can be avoided with a plumbing maintenance agreement. This will help avoid expensive costs if something should go wrong.

One of the biggest expenses incurred in a home or business is water. When there is a leaking faucet, water pipe or similar problem it does not take long for this monthly expense to increase considerably. Therefore, with a routine maintenance program not only are current expenses avoided but unexpected ones as well.

It is possible to purchase a monthly maintenance agreement with a reliable plumbing company. This will include a 24-hour call service, a yearly plumbing inspection and a routine maintenance program. This allows a plumbing problem to be caught before it becomes expensive and inconvenient. With such an agreement you can expect an inspection for leaks and functions in the following areas:


• Dishwasher
• Faucets
• Garbage disposal
• Under cabinets


• Toilets
• Sink and shower
• Toilet Tanks
• Cabinets

Outside                                                                    Basement

• Hose bibs                                                               • Visible plumbing
• Gas riser and meter                                               • Shut-off valves
• Sump pump lines                                                   • Gas lines


• Snaking out the main sewer line (on some packages)

Sump pump cleaning and function testing are also part of a good maintenance program. Hot water tanks can be the source of one of the highest utility expenses. Routine maintenance is provided regarding flushing out sediment, cleaning the burner, testing the pilot light, and so forth. This allows the tank to function smoothly and efficiently.

A great deal of expense can be avoided with a preventive plumbing maintenance agreement. Having a flooding toilet or broken pipe can damage floors and walls requiring replacement in many cases. This is cost effective.

It is important when considering a company for such a program to look carefully at what they are offering as well as their record of satisfied customers. A good company will provide an extended warranty as well as routine maintenance and inspection in their contract. All employees should be licensed, insured and bonded.

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