A Reliable Guide for Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

A Reliable Guide for Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

You take great pride in your home, which is why you always want it looking its best.

When it comes to remodeling, you have the chance not only to make your home look fantastic, you can actually increase its value at the same time. Kitchen and bathrooms are among the renovations that will add the most value to your home.

They are also some of the biggest jobs to take on; it is essential that you set a smart budget and enlist support from qualified professionals to make sure that the job is done right.

We’ve put together a guide that you can rely on for your project.

Plumbing and Fixture Updates

First things first. How old is your home? Have you had problems with leaks in the past in your kitchen or bathrooms?

During the remodel process, it makes good sense to ensure that there hasn’t been water damage lurking beneath the floor and the walls. You want your remodel to be perfect- even where your eyes can’t see.

When updating your fixtures, don’t just choose something sleek. Consider function as well. This is the perfect time to upgrade to eco-friendly fixtures that use far less water and therefore cost you less money.

Ask about low-flow shower heads, dual flush toilets and motion sensor faucets.

The Hiring Processpro

Your job will only be as good as the workmanship of your contractor.

You need someone who:

  • takes pride in their work
  • has a reputation for quality
  • adheres to budget
  • timely
  • more than happy to let you speak to past customers

It’s also helpful if you can see a portfolio of their work too.

When getting a quote, ask about their preferred payment schedule. Also ask about things like insurance, credentials, clean-up policy, and if there is a guarantee on their work.

Do they do all the work themselves or do they sub-contract part of it? Who is responsible for purchasing the materials?

Developing the Plan

With your budget as a guide, decide on what your overall objective is for your remodel (i.e. total gut, cosmetic touch up or prepare home for sale).

Choose colors, fixtures, cabinetry, tiles, grout and accessories. Make sure you do research and choose durable materials that will stand up to the use in these high traffic areas.

Look for inspiration in magazines, TV and on the internet. Sketch your plan out, complete with measurements. Make sure you include storage space, especially in the bathroom.