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How Important Is Backflow Testing?

All Your Questions About Backflow Testing Answered

Owning a home is amazing. It’s a big part of the American Dream, and it’s a point of pride for anyone who has worked hard to keep their home looking good and its systems operating properly. But for many homeowners, there are things that may come as a surprise. Every homeowner knows the importance of keeping the plumbing system healthy, but not every homeowner is familiar with why this entails backflow testing. They may not even know what backflow testing is and why it’s important.

Luckily, this article will go over these and other questions about the importance of backflow testing.

What Does Backflow Mean?

Backflow is a term for a type of flooding that can happen to a plumbing system that causes water that’s flowing out of the home to flow back into it. As most homeowners can guess, the water that’s flowing out of the home is doing so for a reason: because it’s dirty. So when dirty water is allowed to flow back into the home, it can contaminate the entire plumbing system, making incoming water dangerous.

Backflow happens when there’s a sudden and drastic change in water pressure in the plumbing system. This is often caused by a break in the main water line or a fire hydrant that has been opened nearby. Too much rain can actually cause backflow too.

Why Is Certification Required?why does it need to be certified Heidler

Backflow certification is required because backflow is so dangerous. It can be sneaky because it’s not always apparent that backflow has even occurred. This means that homeowners could be drinking and bathing in contaminated water, not realizing it until it’s too late. This is why many areas require backflow certification by law.

In fact, if backflow happens, it can end up contaminating the water supply for multiple houses or even an entire area. And fixing this issue – decontaminating all that water and those systems – is a costly and involved process. And it’s not just sewage that can cause contamination with backflow. Other dangerous substances, such as herbicides, fertilizer, and pesticides, can also contaminate clean water through backflow. This is why backflow testing and certification are incredibly important.

professional plumber HeidlerWho Can Perform Backflow Testing and Certification?

Backflow preventers can’t be tested and certified by just anyone. Even those hand DIY homeowners can’t do their own testing and certification. These important devices need to be tested by a certified plumbing professional. These backflow prevention devices don’t often get used, so it’s somewhat common for them to malfunction. This is why it’s so important to have a professional check the device.

Those homeowners that aren’t sure whether they’ve had their backflow device tested recently should call their local professional plumber to schedule a test. Knowing that the backflow preventer is working can give homeowners confidence in the cleanliness of their water supply and the safety of their family from dangerous backflow.

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