New Pipes

Enter 2018 with Sparkly Clean Pipes & Reap the Benefits All Year Long

Enter 2018 with Sparkly Clean Pipes & Reap the Benefits All Year Long

New Pipes
If things are winding down as the holidays approach, you may find that with more time, you have the luxury of looking at your home and thinking about small ways to improve it. The approach of a new year is always time for reflection, and it’s natural to want to get a good start on it.

One thing that a lot of homeowners regularly fail to consider is the start of their water pipes, especially the drainage pipes that carry water and waste away from the home. If you haven’t had your pipes cleared and cleaned out in a good long while, there are plenty of reasons to think about having some plumbers come in to perform indoor drain cleaning!

Efficient Removal

Save MoneyIt’s easy to forget about drain pipes entirely, especially if they continue to work. After all, as long as water is going down the drain, or the toilet flushes, does it really matter how long it takes for that water to go down?

The issue with this kind of thinking is that, just like the human body, there can be a lot of things going wrong with a system before really visible symptoms begin to manifest.

Excessive drinking or smoking may not look like it’s having any effect, but in reality, it’s chipping away a person’s health, especially without regular, healthy self-care. In the case of plumbing, if you notice your water draining more slowly, or certain smells coming out of the pipes, this might mean that your water is still leaving your home and entering the sewage system, but will it last? And when it doesn’t, are you prepared to pay the cost?

Slow Drains

When you’re experiencing slower draining than in the past, this already means that there is some kind of build-up happening somewhere in your network of pipes. If it affects all drains, then the problem may be closer to the actual sewage line itself. If it’s a single pipe, probably the issue lies closer to the source.

With a clog building up, this won’t take care of itself. In fact, it will only get worse with time and may result in either a complete blockage, which will take more intensive labor to clear, or, in the worst case scenario, may result in a break, which will be very expensive to repair.

Smelly Pipes

Clogged PipeIf you’re getting bad smells coming out of a pipe, that’s always a bad sign. It means that something unhealthy—such as spores, for example—are building up in the pipe, and not going away.

Or it may mean that waste which should be sent straight to the sewers is festering in your pipes instead. If you want to ensure the health of your family or employees in your home or place of business, you need to address this.

Persisting bad smells mean that contagions are present in your building and making their way back up into living/working spaces. As we see the year come to an end here in Annapolis, MD, give some thought to your pipes. Start the New Year right, with no worries, no blockages, no slow moving drains, or bad smells in the residence or workplace. Make sure this gets done right for better water efficiency and more health and safety.