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Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2015

Annapolis PlumberThis year, more homeowners are focused on being energy conscious, and that goes for the bathroom too. In order to conserve the natural resources of the planet, smart homeowners are incorporating both style and functionality into the design of the bathroom. Consider a few of these top 5 bathroom remodeling trends of 2015 before you make your next purchase.

1. Low Flow Toile

The latest toilet designs are both visually appealing and energy efficient too. The low flow toilet does the same job as a traditional toilet does, except it makes use of a fraction of the water needed to flush waste down the line. This can add up to significant savings over the course of the year, easily recouping the money spent on the new toilet.

2. Low Flow Shower Head

Similar to the low flow toilet, the low flow shower head makes use of smaller jet openings to increase the pressure while using less water to do so. The family will not the difference except for the new sleek design of the shower head. Over the course of a year, your combined water consumption savings from the toilet and shower will be significant.

3. Walk-In Shower

If you are not using the bathtub to bathe, consider using that location to expand the size of the shower. Incorporate a new walk-in shower to open up the room and create a focal point that will look extremely desirable. The walk-in shower will eliminate the need to wash shower doors, curtains, or tight spaces. The shower will be more spacious and comfortable for everyone to utilize.

4. Sink VanityAnnapolis Bathroom Remodelling

One of the ways to increase the appeal of the bathroom is to remove that old one basin vanity and bring in a new modern design double-basin vanity. These double sink systems rare ideal for those families with many children or parents who must be at work the same time. Reduce your stress and time in the bathroom by allowing two people to make use of the sink simultaneously.

5. LED Lighting

Consider the cost of replacing those old fashion light bulbs all year long to the more modern and energy efficient LED lighting. This type of lighting uses less energy, can be focused to specific sections of the room, and last much longer than the older style light bulbs available at your local supermarket.

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