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Discolored Water: Causes, Fixes & Prevention

Discolored WaterUnless you’ve added food coloring or a powdered drink mix, oddly colored water is not something you should be seeing in your home. Aside from its appearance and often unpleasant odor, discolored water can indicate a serious problem. This water shouldn’t be drunk, bathed in, or used for laundering, and the problem should be found and corrected as quickly as possible with our plumbing services.

What Are The Causes?

There can be multiple reasons for colored water pouring from your taps, but your hot water heater is one of the “usual suspects”. Start though, by eliminating the cold water. Turn that tap on and let it run. If the water is clear in appearance, move on to your hot water. This water is stored in your hot water tank, where several problems that cause water discoloration can occur. First, sedimentation can build up in the bottom of the tank, discoloring its water. An aging water tank can rust and leech into the stored water, giving it an understandably rusty appearance when it pours out of a tap. And third, iron bacteria can build up in water tanks over time if your water supply has a high iron content and the water heater isn’t frequently on. Water is noticeably yellow in color when iron bacteria is present. Non-heater water discoloration can be caused by breaks in or flushing of main water lines. Aging copper piping results in green or even blue water. Badly clogged pipes result in dark brown or black water. Cistern problems can also result in discolored water.

How Can It Be Fixed?

With all due respect to those home repair programs, this type of problem should only be handled by professionals, for reasons of health, safety, and property protection. After determining that water discoloration is not being caused by a main line, a plumbing company should be contacted. Plumbers can determine the source of discoloration based on its hue, and quickly move to a plan of action. Water tanks can be examined and flushed out or replaced. Pipes can be examined with snakes and cameras for flaking and breaks. Pipes can then be replaced or unclogged.

How Can I Prevent It?

Annapolis Plumber Plumbing ServicesAnnual inspections are recommended for household plumbing systems to detect signs of aging, damage, and clogging. Homeowners should regularly examine water heaters for signs of leakage and rust and have them repaired and replaced as needed. And your plumbing company can recommend and install special water filtration systems to improve your water quality.

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What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?


HydrojettingHydrojetting is an effective way for drains to be cleaned safely and efficiently. Plumbers force water through the drains by using high pressure in order to clear an obstruction in the drain. The machinery that is used for hydrojetting is highly specialized equipment that should only be operated by a trained professional. Misuse of the machine, with its high pressure water, could prove fatal.

Hydrojetting Grease

Homeowners that are faced with clogged kitchen drains typically employ the services of a plumber to clear the grease out of the drain. A rising number of plumbing professions are using hydrojetting equipment to clear the grease out of a kitchen drain because it is far more effective than using mechanical or chemical means. The high pressure water will push the grease through the drains and free it up so that waste water can flow through the drain once more.

Hydrojetting Roots

Tree roots can be a huge blockage problem if not corrected. Tree roots can be removed by a professional using a hydrojetting machine in a short amount of time. Typically, it takes a long time for the tree roots to grow back; clogging the drain, but routine drain maintenance with a hydrojetting machine can help to ensure that the drain pipes are clean and ready to work correctly.

Hydrojetting Debris

Annapolis PlumberDebris that has been introduced into a drain system, and is now clogging it, can now be removed using hydrojetting. Most debris can be removed in a single use of the hydrojetting machine by a plumbing professional. However, there have been cases where multiple uses may be necessary to fully unclog a drain. This is due to the make up of the debris that is obstructing the drain. If it made from a thin material, or is quite porous then it will probably be broken up, or carried away, in a single application. If the debris is quite dense then it could take several applications in order for the debris to be swept from the pipe. It is a good idea to have a plumber perform any, and all, hydrojetting projects in a home in order to make sure that the work is done correctly, is warrantied, and that the risk of injury or property damage is minimized. A growing amount of people are finding out that hiring a plumber that uses a hydrojetting machine to unclog drains is the best route to go.

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You May Want To Consider This Before Hiring a Plumber

What Should I Look For When Hiring a Plumber?


Annapolis PlumberHiring a plumber is more than just opening up an Internet browser and contacting the first website that appears on the page. There are different elements and features you need to look in when bringing in such a plumber. While there is a large number of specifications you can search for, the three most important elements of any plumber is if they are licensed, if they carry insurance and what sort of experience they have.


A plumber needs to always have a license. This is something the plumber should always be able to provide, should you ask. When looking up information about the plumber, it should say right on their website whether or not they are licensed. If the plumber is not licensed, stalls when trying to give you a response or simply does not answer the question at all, it means there is an issue with their license and you need to go with a different professional. A plumber who is not licensed is not able to claim they are a plumber in the state.


Plumbing ServicesNever discount the level of experience a plumber has. This is a very important feature of any plumber, as an experienced plumber is able to pinpoint the problem you are dealing with faster, and knows where to look to cause less cosmetic damage to your house when repairing the issue. All of this leads to a less expensive fix and a faster repair for the problem.


Insurance is an important element any plumber needs to carry. Now, not all licensed plumbers are going to carry insurance, but they should. There are times where the plumber might cause additional damage to your home. Now, this usually does not happen, but sometimes it does, and without insurance, you are going to be left fronting the repair bill. When bringing in a plumber, the last thing you want to do is bring in a contractor to repair the damage as well. A plumber who carries insurance is going to pay for this kind of damage as they are covered with their insurance. Due to this, hiring a licensed plumber with insurance can potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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Having Doubts About a DIY Project?

Reasons to Keep Away From DIY Plumbing Projects

Annapolis Plumber‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) projects seems like a good way to save money and quickly keep your home in top conditions. Everyone has seen ‘Home Improvement’ shows on television and these shows do a good job of making every project seem easy. While changing a shower head, or taking a plunger after a stopped up toilet, seem like easy straight-forward DIY projects that anyone can take on; major plumbing renovation projects are best left to the professionals. The advantages of seeking the services of a qualified, licensed professional plumber are three-fold; personal safety, warranty of work and saving money over the long term.

Personal safety should always be the number one concern when taking on any project. While most people only think plumbing deals with water, some plumbing projects will involve the use of power tools, specialty tools, heavy equipment, open flames, gas lines and even electricity. If the homeowner is not familiar or comfortable working with or around these types of issues, play it safe for everyone involved and leave the work up to the pros.

Annapolis PlumbingWarranty
When dealing with larger scale plumbing projects, warranty of work can become an issue with the job was not completed correctly. Incomplete work done under a house or behind walls will not be immediately seen and over time can cause an extensive amount of damage to the home. If the work was not completed by a licensed plumbing company, the home owner could be held responsible for paying to repair all the damages. There is no worse feeling than finding out that repairing thousands of dollars in water damage will not be covered by your home owner’s insurance because you decided to save a few dollars and do it yourself.

Long Term Money Savings 
This issues goes hand in hand with warranty of work. While saving a few dollars by doing a project yourself may sound like the way to go, if not done properly the additional repair work cost can easily reach into the thousands of dollars in the long term. This sounds like a money losing situation to me.

Some plumbing jobs are easy to complete and only take a couple minutes, but always think about the safety, warranty and cost risks when deciding to take on any plumbing project. If you are uncomfortable with any one of these points, it is probably best to put the tools down, pick up the phone and call in the professionals.

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3 Game-Changing Perks of Remodeling Your Bathroom

The Guaranteed Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom


Annapolis Plumber

Time to remodel your bathroom. Three reasons that may have brought you to this decision are added value to your home, safety upgrades on fixtures, and improve efficiency of fixtures. Remodeling a bathroom should not only please your sense of decor, make you feel comfortable and relaxed when entering the room, but should also add value to your home and function efficiently.

First look at your needs. Do you really need a tub in your bathroom? Consider just having a shower stall if this is the only use your tub has provided in the past. The shower is something you will want to splurge on. After a hard day of work there is nothing more soothing then jumping into a shower to wash away the stress of the day. Or the luxury of a relaxing shower to prepare for an evening on the town. Standard shower heads should be a starting point, but don’t stop there. There are many alternatives on the market. Keeping in mind that not only do you want a shower head to provide comfort, you also want one that is water efficient. Some of the shower heads can provide body sprays, some can be hand held to reach all those sore muscles, or you can even get ones that will massage your entire body.

Another consideration to make if you have the room is to either provide a separate room for the toilet, or to at least set it behind a partial wall to allow for extra privacy. Grooming is the main use for a bathroom so make sure to allow for a large surface space on your vanity. If extra storage space is needed, you could use some of the space underneath for cabinets. Lighting around the vanity should be in addition to the ceiling lighting. Light from a ceiling fixture will cause shadows to appear when grooming, so you will want sconces or track lights placed around the vanity area. Using LED bulbs is not only cost efficient, but will give bright, even illumination.

One more consideration to make is the ventilation in your bathroom, as to much moisture will cause mildew and mold to grow. You will want a 50 cubic feet per minute fan placed in a ducted system. This will also decrease the wearing down of your finishes and other surfaces in your bathroom.

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Lower Your Spendings

Learn How Plumbing Maintenance Can Help You Save Money

A typical water heater is designed to last about 15 years. If the one in your household is that old, it is probably time to start looking into replacing the unit. There are many technologically advanced water heater units on the market that are designed to help lower energy consumption. It is quite understandable that not all households are able to acquire these energy efficient units. Hence, this article is designed to assist the individuals (who are unable to upgrade water heaters), with ideas that will aid in reducing their current water heater energy consumption. These are a series of long term energy saving tips that households will benefit from.

1. For households that insist on using an automatic dishwasher, it is beneficial to invest in an Energy Star certified dishwasher. These technologically advanced units are tested and proven to use up to 30% less energy and water. What this means for an aging water heater is less and efficient working.

2. A second appliance that will need upgrading to ease the workload of the water heater is a laundry washer. This also should be Energy Star certified. This new washer is designed to cut back on the water consumption and in turn reduce the energy bill over time. Is it also advisable to reduce the amount of laundry requiring hot water. It is best to leave the clothes to soak in warm water for 15 minutes before the wash, than use hot water and wash immediately.

3. Since not everyone is able to purchase a water heater with a built in timer, it is still possible to acquire a secondary timer and install it to the current heater. This timer enables household members to manually control whenever the heater units are operating. For example, it can be programmed to operate during the morning and evening when most residents take a shower. If the unit is properly insulated, the water that is inside the heater during the ‘off’ times, should be sufficiently heated to conduct other daily activities.

4. Insulation has been proven to dramatically reduce energy consumption over the long term. The tank needs to be insulated, as well as the first few feet of pipes on the water heater that is exposed the ambient temperature. This maintains the temperature for longer periods of time as the water journeys through the pipes.

5. Finally, homeowner should replace high flow showers and faucets fixtures with some low-flow ones. If the home was constructed pre 1992 and none of the fixtures have been upgraded, this is the best time to do it. It will cut the water usage by up to 30% without any additional advancements.

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Importance of a Plumbing Inspection for New Owners

Plumbing InspectioinNew home owners have many things to look forward to on a constant basis. There are taxes, insurance, inspections and many other things. One of the most important inspections that needs to be performed is a plumbing inspection. A plumbing inspection is important for many reasons. For starters, you need to know what type of housing you are moving in, whether there are water leaks, issues with the toilet, pipes or sinks. Being proactive will prevent issues in the future.

Many home owners move into a home, only getting basic inspections done. Once they move in they find out that a pipe is busted or there are leaks all over the home. The importance of receiving plumbing inspections is irreplaceable. It helps owners guarantee that if there are any issues with their plumbing system, they will be handled in a timely manner. Allowing things to sit and foster will only create monstrous issues down the road causing stress on the owners.

Annapolis Plumbing InspectionAn inspection will provide owners a first hand look at the repairs that may be needed. It also allows them to fully understand what could and would go wrong if the repairs are left unattended. There are a number of things an inspector will look at when performing inspections. A lot of times the pipes are old and corroded and need to be replaced, however the only way to discover this information is through an inspection. There are some inspectors that can help you to determine the cost of what these repairs could be if any are needed.

It is said that before moving into the home you should have a plumbing inspection performed. It is recommended to ensure that everything is in working order. You would need to locate the shut off valve for the water supply and determine if it is properly working. You would also need to investigate toilets and other pipes to make sure there are no leaks and corrosion. Addressing these problems ahead of time will prevent any type of major out of pocket expenses that you may incur.

Normally you will receive a warranty with your new home, however it may only cover certain things within the plumbing system. By performing a plumbing inspection, you can assure yourself that these issues will be addressed before purchasing the home. This will alleviate any problems that may arise once you move into the new home.

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You Will Not Believe That Keeping a Healthy Home Was This Easy!

Health Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

Whole House Water FiltrationEveryone knows that filtering drinking water is a smart move for good health, but it’s an even better idea to filter all the water used in a house. While it might sound like a waste at first, a whole house water filtration system is actually a solid investment that comes with a huge variety of benefits.

Healthier Drinking, Healthier Cleaning

Clean drinking water is the primary benefit of a whole house water filtration system. No matter which room, or tap, the water comes out of, a whole house system ensures that it’s clean, healthy, and safe to drink.

Clean Showers

Think about how many showers are taken in a house in a given day. Every one of those showers can be filled with chlorine, heavy metals, and other unwanted chemicals. Even in small amounts these chemicals can cause headaches and dizziness, reddened eyes, and a variety of other side effects. A whole house filtration system can reduce these effects and leave skin feeling cleaner since it doesn’t have to compensate for other unwanted chemicals in the bath.

Annapolis PlumberFewer Chemicals in The Home

With fewer chemicals coming out of any and all faucets, a whole house water filtration system can also reduce the amount of chemicals that are floating around in a home. Filtered water will ensure there’s no chlorine in water used to wipe down a table or for bathing pets. There’s no worries about unwanted chemicals in the water when washing off cuts, food, and other things.

In short, for home owners who just don’t want to have chlorine on their apples or to be leaving heavy metals in their hair, a whole house water filtration system has all of the health benefits one could ask for.

Remember, You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to home water filtration systems it’s the same as buying art; you get what you pay for. While there are home water filtration systems that are relatively inexpensive it’s important to look at the cost of replacing them, of the maintenance, and of the warranty that comes with them. It’s a better idea to pay a little more up front and to get a higher quality system that will last a much longer period of time, and which will filter out more unwanted chemicals and materials from a home.

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Why are clean drains important?

The benefits of a residential drain cleaning


Annapolis PlumberKeeping your drains clean can help save you money each year in repair bills to your plumbing system. Neglected drains can quickly lead to the loss in integrity of the pipes, resulting in a break that could cause a major inconvenience for the homeowner. Our plumbers can inform you of the reasons why it is so important to keep your drains clean. This is an important step to take if you don’t want to deal with clogged drains.

One of the most common causes of a clogged drain begins right in the kitchen. Whether you own a garbage disposal or not, food particles can easily make their way down the drain, where over time they get trapped in certain areas. As the clogged food attracts more particles, it makes it difficult for the water to make its way down the drain. Slow draining sinks are the first sign of trouble, and if you allow the clog to remain, it could affect the way your garbage disposal functions. Our plumbers will clean your pipes and make certain all the debris is flushed away.

Annapolis PlumberWhen a drain is clogged, many homeowners purchase over the counter drain cleaning chemicals. Many of these products are not effective, the one thing they can do is deteriorate the drain pipe. When the chemicals remains trapped in the drain, they wear away the pipe from the inside, breaking down the strength of the pipe over time.

The drains in your shower probably get the most abuse through the year. Every day the soap residue, hair, and dirt all travel down the drain with the water. Many times chunks of soap make their way down the drain and become lodged in the pipe. As more debris and contaminants come in contact with the soap, it acts like a magnet attracting debris to that area.

Our drain cleaning technicians will get to the clog and free it from the drain so the water can flow freely once again.

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Why Is My Faucet Dripping?

What Causes My Faucets To Drip?

Faucet RepairYour faucets drip for a number of different reasons, and each one must be addressed before scheduling a faucet repair service. You may think that the repair is done, but you may find that the repair needs more work after the faucet begins dripping again.

The Faucet Linkage

The handles on the faucet must have the right stems so that the water can be turned off completely. There are many times when the faucet will drip simply because the stem does not close off the water completely. If you have a hard time pushing the faucet handle, you need to get it fixed. Also, you may need to have the faucets adjusted if they seem loose.

The Hoses

There are times when the hoses harbor water because of a bad connection. You need to ask a plumber to check on the hoses to make sure that they are dry when the faucet is not running. If you can feel the coolness or heat of the water in the hose, you need to ask a plumber to check the shut off valve on the sink. There are times when the faucet will not completely shut off after every use.

The Water Pressure

The water pressure in your house could be the cause of dripping in your faucets. If you have incredibly strong water pressure in your house, you need to make sure that you have faucets that can handle the pressure. If you have concerns about the water pressure, you may need to make sure that the water company knows about the problem. There are times when the water company is responsible for the increased water pressure in the home.

Working with a professional plumber can help you get your faucets working properly. Check each part of the system to find the real problem so you can make the dripping stop.

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