3 Tips to Help Prevent a Slab Leak!

3 Ways to Prevent a Slab Leak!

Today’s top plumbing lessons involve slab leaks; also known as a foundation leak, and a concrete leak. Knowing what a slab leak is and the many wayas in which you, the Annapolis home or business owner, can prevent such leaks. These leaks, folks, are tiny, pinhole leaks that appear within the copper water lines in the concrete flooring of the foundation of your home.

The good news is that there are symptoms for a person with a watchful eye like a plumber. The not-so-good-news is that slab leaks, for most homes, is just a matter of time before the water line breaks or leaks. This why your local plumbing company is, or can be, your very best friend.

Annapolis, MD Plumbing#1 – Slab Leak Prevention And Education That Will Help Your Plumber!

* A sudden increase in your water bill

* Wet base boards or planters adjacent to the home

* Continuing sound of running water

* Cracks in the baseboards, wall, flooring and tiles

* Damp carpet and/or wood flooring

* Continuing running of your hot water heater

* Sudden increase in the humidity in your home

Note: In discovering you have a slab leak, the first 24 to 48 hours is critical and the time to contact your local plumbing company experts forthwith. Unless you want continued water damage and future mold making a new home, make the call.

#2 – Water in your home or business is traveling way too fast or too slow.

Ergo, you may not recognize the math but your Annapolis plumber will. If the speed of the water in the system exceeds 7 feet per second, the water will take the copper along with it which could be a nasty “ouch.” Water traveling too slow will heat up the calcium and minerals suspended in the water. This allows the water to congeal together, get heavy, and ultimately “stick” to the bottom of the pipe.

#3 – Poor quality craftsmanship.

This is where a cheap plumbing company earns their money. When making an inspection your plumber may discover that whoever did the work did not sleeve the copper pipe in plastic; a necessary requirement. Without a sleeve, the pipe rubs up and down against dirt, small rocks and pebbles in the ground as the water vibrates, ultimately causing the exterior to wear out. Also, remember that your conundrum may require a copper repiping overhead, or a copper reroute and your plumbing company won’t fail to epoxy coating the new piping, either.

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