Treat Yourself ....or Someone you Love!

This year I polled our staff for their favorite products. These are the products they have installed for their personal use or have gifted to someone.

Now we are sending them to you!

A Rainfall Shower Head

A rainfall shower head is designed to provide a revitalizing, full-body shower with a gentle rinse of softly falling water. As the name suggests, it’s like standing in a beautiful, refreshing rainfall.

A Clever Grab Bar

The Toilet Roll Holder’s bold design cleverly disguises safety with additional convenience features you’ll love. This stainless steel grab bar toilet paper holder has a secure handle to lend a steadying hand.

Comfort Height Toilet

The height of your toilet is the most significant factor that determines how comfortable using it will be. This factor is even more critical when you have disabled, handicapped, or seniors using the toilet. The higher sitting toilet allows you to sit and stand up comfortably.

Standard Height: less than 17″ Comfort Height: 17″- 19″

If you’re looking for the gift of home comfort for someone special or even yourself give us a call at 410-268-7191.
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