Self Care Tips for Valentine’s Day Bliss

Create a Spa Day in a Home Bathroom Oasis

Imagine having a long day at work and driving home to a relaxing experience in the bathroom designed with care by an expert team to provide the best care to the tired muscles of the homeowner. 

Self-care is the best love we can show ourselves. The benefits of taking baths and relaxing showers have been studied worldwide. Bathtub installation of a spa tub is key to any luxury bath installation. 

Benefits of Luxurious Baths

benefitsBaths elevate mood, especially with proper mood lighting and scents that relax minds constantly racing towards the next goal. Those with depression and stress can benefit from baths because of the comfort and quiet introspection they provide.

Taking a bath directly before bed can aid in falling asleep faster because body heat drops rapidly when leaving the tub, which is ideal for assisting the body in releasing melatonin used for sleep. Retreating to sleep in a cool, dark room is best for quality sleep.

Hot baths can relieve muscle pain or cramping, great for circulation. Add Epsom salt or aromatherapy options to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis or diabetes. 

Baths can burn as many calories as a short walk because it raises body temperature and causes sweating.   

Add Some Color to Bathtime

Dermatologists have studied LED lighting and color therapy for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties for the scalp and skin.

Bathroom remodeling can include installing chromotherapy lights operated by remote to change hue. Adding light to the bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Waterproof LED light strips are submersible or can safely run around the shower’s interior. 

  • Red helps with vitality and increases energy while improving the atmosphere for creative ideas.
  • Blue is a calming hue that relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety.
  • Green mimics nature and reduces tension while putting one into a meditative state.
  • Pink is truly the color of love and gratitude. Pink hues help with self-love and put one into a romantic mood.
  • Orange helps with sexual desire and building into a playful mood.
  • Yellow helps with cheerfulness and uplifting mood. Add yellow to the shower when in need of sunshine or are experiencing a period of self-doubt in life. 



Relaxing Rain Showers

Shower installation should always include a rain showerhead with a wide diameter to mimic soft rainfall during a luxury shower remodel. These showerheads sometimes include lighting as part of a shower replacement package that offers various hues to improve mood or decrease anxiety.

Speakers playing soft music in the shower can amplify the luxury shower experience to the next level, creating the ideal spa oasis to start or end the day ideally. 

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