How to Avoid Broken Pipes in the Spring

Preventing Burst Pipes in the Rainy Season

Many people love spring. It’s the time of year when everything starts to come alive again. It’s the time of year the weather starts to warm up again, but it’s also the time of year for an increase in rainstorms. Heavy rain isn’t good for plumbing systems. It can cause all kinds of problems, especially to plumbing systems that don’t receive regular maintenance.

Plumbers get called all the time in the spring, but there are ways you can prevent expensive damages to your plumbing system and home. Continue reading to learn more about ways to prevent pipes from bursting due to heavy rainfall.

The Dangers of High Water Pressure

water tipsRain can cause all sorts of problems in your home, but one thing no one ever wants is for their house to flood. Your house is supposed to keep the rain out, so when it doesn’t do its job, your life gets frustrating.

You may think you just have a house that is prone to flooding when in reality, it’s your plumbing system causing all the grief and it can easily be prevented. Excess rainwater causes water pressure to build up within the plumbing systems.

This water pressure is too much for plumbing and can lead to the pipes bursting or cracking. Once this happens, it’s only a matter of time before the water is entering your home. A few ways to avoid this from happening are:

  • Making sure your gutters are cleaned out before the rainy season hits.
  • Getting your plumbing maintenance done yearly before the spring.
  • Having a sump pump installed in your home.

How to Avoid Burst Pipes

As mentioned above, the best way to avoid burst pipes is to have a yearly camera inspection done for preventative maintenance. These inspections give you an inside look of the state of your piping system so you can stay on top of the problem before it occurs. There’s nothing better for your plumbing system than taking care of it.

avoid bursts

While your plumbing is getting inspected, it’s also a good idea to have the outdoor drainage maintenance done. This will ensure that any rainfall the spring brings will not pool up around your home’s foundation. This will alleviate any added stress from water weight.

Professional Burst Pipe Services

A professional will arrive on the scene to first assess and locate the problem. Once the problem has been properly assessed, the professional plumber can decide the best course of action for repairs.

They will most likely choose one of these options:

  • pro plumbersCured-In Place
  • Pulled-In Place
  • Pipe Bursting Method
  • Repiping

Cured-in place and pulled-in place are both trenchless methods for repairing pipes, but they can only be done if the damages aren’t extensive. Sometimes, if the plumbing hasn’t been taken care of for many years or your plumbing system is just old, the problem may require repiping. This can get expensive, but sometimes it’s the only option. That is why maintenance is so important.

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