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Why It’s Important To Have a Healthy Water Heaterwhy

Having hot water all year long is great, but having hot water during these colder end of the year times is a must. No one wants to start or end their day with a cold shower, especially not in the late fall and during the winter. However, it is hard to enjoy a warm shower when a water heater is either old or needs some repairs. And the best way to make sure that their water heaters are good and healthy is to call on a professional. Read on to learn the common symptoms of a damaged water heater and what homeowners can do to protect their home. 

Top Signs a Water Heater Needs Service

While water heater repair and service should always be left to the experts, knowing when to call them is just as important. Some signals a water heater needs help include:

  • Hot Water Is Not Hot For Long: Just like with the human body, when a water heater gets older, it begins to break down. Things do not work or function the way they did when it was younger or brand new. If, while taking a shower, a person notices that the water gets keeps getting cool, and they have to keep turning the faucet handle, again and again, it may be time for the water heater to be repaired. 
  • Discolored Water: Seeing rust-colored water is clearly unsettling. And seeing it come out of a sink or showerhead is a sign of a water heater in need of some serious repairs. It could be due to rust building up on the inside of the tank. Sediment buildup is also a common reason for this. And if left unchecked, it can lead to tank corrosion. And that can lead to a bunch of other problems no one wants to, or should, deal with.
  • Loud Noises From the Unit: Hearing an occasional “clink” or “clang” from a water heater is normal. When it starts sounding like a horror movie scene, it is time to call someone in to have it checked.

What’s Making the Water Heater Break Down?

The biggest thing that makes a water heater break down is, once again, let’s say it together: Sediment Buildup. Heated water may leave behind small minerals that slowly grow and build up over time, causing a water heater to become less efficient and reducing the flow of hot water. The buildup can then later lead to corrosion, which can cause a water heater to rust up and even begin to deteriorate.

Another thing that makes a water heater break down is a lack of attention. If it is never inspected, how can someone know if something is wrong with it? Unfortunately, the saying, “Ignorance is Bliss” doesn’t work for the water heater. 

Owners should always be aware of their water heater’s condition. It is for a good cause, after all. The well being of their health as well as their wallet. The sooner a problem is spotted, the sooner a solution can be given. And earlier solutions will eventually catch up with better payments down the road.

When Is the Right Time To Replace Your Water Heater?man looking at watch

A hot water heater is supposed to do one thing: provide hot water. It’s in its name. If it is not doing that, it may be time to get it replaced. The average water heater lasts about eight years, though it can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. If the poor thing is getting up there in age, it is more than likely that it will already start to show signs of aging and give problems. 

Also, if a water heater technician constantly has to be called to repair an existing water heater, it is probably wiser to just replace it altogether. In the end, if one is unsure about whether they should replace their water heater, it is always wise to call on a professional.

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