Watch Out For a Backflow Scare This Halloween

Prevent Plumbing Backflow

Backflow is when dirty and contaminated water enters a clean water line. It can occur because a clogged or burst pipe creates a sudden water pressure imbalance in the plumbing system. The contaminated water can contain human waste, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other dangerous substances. 

Residential and commercial properties should have backflow prevention devices installed. One of the reasons why backflow can be unpredictable is because a sudden storm or flooding could cause backflow to flood plumbing fixtures. Backflow can cause water damage to the property, corrode pipes and plumbing fixtures, and expose homeowners to health hazards.

Homeowners can protect their homes from the horrors of plumbing backflow this Halloween by hiring a professional plumber to perform backflow testing on their backflow prevention devices. Annual backflow testing helps to protect homeowners from the hazards of backflow.

Backflow Dangers

waterWater contamination is a severe threat to public health. People can contract illnesses and viruses from exposure to contaminated water. Homeowners can do their part to protect their community by keeping their plumbing safe from backflow. 

Another risk of backflow is a home flooding with dirty water. The pressure imbalance in the pipes could cause the water line to burst. Moisture from flooding and burst pipes can lead to the growth of mold and mildew in the home. Inhaling mold particles can also cause a myriad of health problems.

Another risk of backflow is damage to the plumbing hardware from corrosive chemicals. Backflow can permanently damage the plumbing system by corroding metal pipes and fixtures. Testing backflow prevention devices annually is the best way to keep the plumbing, home, and community safe from backflow and contaminated water.

Backflow Testing

testingDuring backflow testing appointments, the plumber will inspect the plumbing system and ensure there are properly working safety features to prevent backflow from entering the system. Shutoff valves prevent backflow from getting into the plumbing during storms and other plumbing emergencies. The plumber will replace worn-out valves to keep the device working properly. 

Homeowners and businesses may receive notice from the city that it is time to do backflow testing. The city can shut off water for commercial properties that fail to complete backflow testing in time. During backflow testing and plumbing maintenance appointments, plumbers can identify the source of any pressure imbalance in the system and recommend solutions.  

Benefits of Backflow Testing Services

Backflow testing helps to protect public health from the spread of illness via contaminated water and helps protect the homeowner’s property from water damage and plumbing from corrosion. Trusting a professional plumber with backflow testing can give homeowners peace of mind that their plumbing system will protect them from backflow contamination. 

Backflow prevention devices need to be tested to ensure they are working properly in case of an emergency. Flooding and storms can be unpredictable, so homeowners need to be prepared by maintaining their backflow prevention devices with annual maintenance and testing. 

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