Tools of the Trade that Keeps Toilets Running

Ever Wondered What Tools Plumber Use?

Even in an age of DIY projects, plumbing remains a mystery to most people. Maybe this is because plumbing projects can be gross, or maybe it’s because most plumbing is technical work that people would rather leave to professionals. Regardless, demystifying plumbing is important so that homeowners can know how to proceed when plumbing problems arise. By learning more about their home’s plumbing, homeowners can be empowered to make smart decisions and know how to hire reliable contractors. 

As a guide, local plumbers have given the following information about one particularly pesky plumbing problem: clogged toilets. 

How Plumbers Deal with Clogs

Toilet clogs are a fairly obvious and urgent plumbing problem. Toilet clogs manifest themselves in water and waste backing up into the toilet basin. For homeowners and plumbers alike, there are a few different ways that toilet clogs can be dealt with. The options are:

  • Plungers: Plungers are the first line of defense against toilet clogs. Even if the homeowner has tried plunging a toilet clog, a plumber will likely try the same strategy before moving on to more serious tools. 
  • Snakes: Plumbing snakes are tools that are designed to fit around the curves in a home’s plumbing. They can be mechanically or manually spun to bite into clogs so the clogs can then be pulled out. Snaking should generally be left to the professionals. 
  • Pulling the Toilet: In extreme situations, a plumber may need to remove the toilet from the stack to clear a clog. This will probably only be necessary because of toys or other solid debris that gets caught in the toilet trap.  

Other Common Toilet Issues

Toilets are generally very reliable, but they do have some other common problems that professionals can easily fix. One of the most common is a running toilet. Running toilets can be fixed easily by replacing the tank kit. The cost of replacing the kit will be small compared to the amount of water a running toilet can waste.

Another common issue with toilets is when they start to wobble on their stack. When they begin to wobble, it can mean that the floor is rotting from a small leak and that the wax ring is compromised. When the wax ring is gone, sewer gas will be allowed to leak up into the bathroom and create nasty smells. The problem can be easily fixed by professionals. 

How Plumbers Replace a Toilet 

Replacing a toilet isn’t a hard job, but it is best left to professionals. If a homeowner decides they need a new toilet, the steps that a plumber will take to replace it are: 

  • Loosen the bolts on the current toilet
  • Remove the toilet from the stack
  • Scrape off the remainder of the wax ring from the stack
  • Install new wax ring on the bottom of the new toilet
  • Properly set new toilet on the stack
  • Tighten down new hardware to keep the toilet in place and protect the wax ring 

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