Get a Fresh Start This Valentine’s Day and Kick the Old Water Heater to the Curb

Signs a New Water Heater is Needed

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the special people in life, but for some, it may be a time to take stock of the relationship and make a decision. Deciding whether to weather the storm or cut and run can be hard, but it takes careful analysis to make a good decision. 

Deciding to stick with the current water heater in the home can be an equally difficult decision. Water heaters are expensive appliances, so they shouldn’t be replaced without good reason. On the other hand, water heaters are necessary, so if the current model fails to do its job, replacing it may be the best option. Making this decision can be difficult, but luckily, there are relationship advisers in the form of local plumbers. These experts offer advice to help make a wise decision in this difficult situation. 


corrosionCorrosion is a natural reaction between oxygen and the base metals that make up a home’s water heater and piping. One of the biggest enemies of reliable plumbing over the centuries has been corrosion, and many creative methods have been used to deal with it. In modern water heaters, the tank is protected by a special rod of metal designed to be corrupted before the metal of the water tank. This rod is called an anode rod.

Over time, the anode rod will be corroded away, leaving the tank unprotected. When this happens, rusty spots may appear on the water tank, or corrosion can occur on copper pipes near the tank. Eventually, the tank will begin to leak and need to be replaced. If the water heater is showing signs of corrosion, then it is a good time to schedule a water heater replacement. 

Inadequate Amount of Hot Water 

A water heater has one job: to provide adequate hot water to a family for laundry, cleaning dishes, and performing comfortable hygiene rituals. As a water heater ages, it loses its ability to keep up with the demands placed upon it. Inefficiencies develop, and eventually, someone will be stuck in the middle of a shower with no hot water. 

While a few water heater repairs may be made to restore lost efficiency, the water heater will most likely need to be replaced. Water heater replacement will allow homeowners to select a unit with a faster recovery time so that no one will get stuck taking a shower without hot water again. 

High Energy Bills 

billsA loss of efficiency in the water heater has consequences other than simply losing hot water. It can also drive up utility costs. Heating water is expensive and can account for more than 10% of monthly utility bills. Over the years, the cost will continue to climb as inefficiencies are more pronounced. Water heater replacement is a great place to start for homeowners looking for relief from high water heating bills. 

A new water heater will inherently be more energy efficient than one more than five years old. In addition, homeowners can select models that are designed more effectively. All in all, installing a new water heater will restore lost efficiency and lower monthly energy bills. 

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