This New Year, Make a Resolution to Remember Plumbing Maintenance

Types of Plumbing Maintenance and How Professionals Perform Them

Many people make grand plans and resolutions every New Year to follow a healthy lifestyle, eat better, and stay fit. But this year, why not include one more resolution to the list – to maintain the plumbing system properly? Routine maintenance from professionals helps prevent costly repairs or long-term damages, extends the lifespan of the plumbing, and can even save homeowners money on utility bills. This blog post will explore what homeowners need to know about maintaining their home’s plumbing systems to stay in top condition and what homeowners and professionals can do to keep the plumbing running smoothly.

Keeping the Drains Clean

drainDrain cleaning can help prevent clogs from stopping the water flow or prevent clogs from forming at all. There are many methods for cleaning drains, and while many are effective, some do more harm than good. There are chemical drain cleaners sold in stores that can actually cause or worsen the corrosion of pipes. This weakens the pipe material, making it more prone to leaks and bursts, and clogs due to pitting within the lines. Some of the safer methods that work for cleaning drains include the following:

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar: Putting the baking soda in first and then pouring down vinegar sends bubbles of hydrogen through the pipes in order to remove debris. 
  • Hot Water: Allowing hot or boiling water to run down the drain can help clean it. Adding a bit of dish soap can help the process as well.
  • Pipe Snaking: This is a method that drain cleaning professionals use. A pipe snake or auger is a long cable with a rotating head that can be sent down a pipe to remove a clog. When done by a qualified plumber, this method is safe for pipes and attacks the clogs directly, but it can damage pipes if misused.
  • Hydro Jetting: This is another method professionals use, which uses a unique nozzle that shoots high-pressure streams of water through the pipes to break up a clog or prevent them by cleaning any debris out. This method is safe, effective, and most often used by professionals.

Regular Tuneups

Getting routine plumbing maintenance done by a professional is essential for ensuring a plumbing system works properly and efficiently. A professional plumber can provide preventive care that will help avoid costly repairs in the future and identify potential issues before they become bigger problems. 

During a maintenance visit, a professional plumber will inspect pipes, identify any weak points, and check for corrosion. They will also examine fixtures, drains, and toilets to ensure they function correctly. Additionally, they can detect signs of water damage and identify leaks that could be costing homeowners money unknowingly.

Regular maintenance by a professional can help extend the life of a plumbing system, prevent repairs, and reduce water bills. By ensuring the plumbing system is in good condition with a tuneup, homeowners can also avoid unpleasant surprises like a leaking pipe or broken fixture that could end up costing them more than just the repair bill.

Don’t Forget About the Water Heater!

maintenanceWater heater maintenance is another vital part of maintaining the plumbing. Water heaters provide so much more than just warm showers. They provide clean clothes and dishes through their connection to the major appliances involved with these tasks. Water heater maintenance involves many important tasks to keep it running more efficiently, with a longer lifespan, and saving money on utility bills, and should be handled by a professional. These tasks include:

  • Anode rod replacement if needed
  • Checking the pipe connections
  • Cleaning the heating element
  • Flushing the hot water tank
  • Replacing the PRV (pressure release valve) if needed

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