Does the Garbage Disposal Need Repairs?

Signs That the Garbage Disposal Need Repair or Replacement 

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors reports that garbage disposals should last around 12 years. During that time, parts may need replacing, repairs may be needed, and blades may need to be sharpened. But how can homeowners tell the disposal needs professional attention? In this short guide, homeowners can learn the signs that something is wrong with a garbage disposal that needs a professional’s attention. 

Odd Sounds 


A garbage disposal will make noise as it minces waste. However, it should not make: 

  • Humming sounds: This means that the motor is trying to turn on but can’t. This could be an issue with the power supply, or it could mean something’s caught in the blades. 
  • Rattling or screeching noises: These sounds metal can make likely mean that a part of the garbage disposal has come loose or something is stuck inside, like a utensil that has fallen down the drain. A plumber can tighten any components that have come loose over time or replace them, depending on their age, and find and remove anything that may be stuck inside. 
  • No sound at all: A garbage disposal makes noise as it runs. If it doesn’t turn on and makes no sound, the issue could lie with the power source. 
  • Buzzing: This could indicate multiple problems with the garbage disposal, from a jam in the motor to a burnt-out battery. 

Attempting to fix garbage disposals without professional training can be dangerous. DIY repairs could end up damaging the system further or result in injury if it turns on unexpectedly, so homeowners should call professionals to fix them. 

It Doesn’t Work Well 

Some more common signs that a garbage disposal isn’t working well and warrant a professional’s attention include the following: 

  • Frequent clogs: If the garbage disposal’s blades don’t properly chop up waste, the remnants can get stuck in the plumbing system. In addition to clogs, this can lead to slow draining. 
  • Reset button must be frequently used: If the reset button has to be used often to restart the disposal, there is an issue that needs attention. Garbage disposals can trip and shut off due to problems like overheating and jams. 
  • It takes too long to chop up waste: A garbage disposal should mince waste quickly. If one has to keep the system on for several minutes, this likely means that the blades need replacing or sharpening. 

The Garbage Disposal Smells Bad 


The point of installing a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink drain is to shred and get rid of waste. So, the kitchen sink shouldn’t smell bad. If it does, this likely means that food is clogged and stuck in the pipes or the disposal itself. Homeowners can run ice cubes in the garbage disposal to help dislodge any food waste stuck on it. However, if this doesn’t work, plumbers can help find and remedy the problem. 

There are also ways homeowners can help prevent clogs in the pipes and things from getting stuck in the disposal. Along with ice cubes, running cold water while the disposal is on helps waste go down the drain and not get stuck. In addition, only put a little food waste down the disposal at a time and avoid putting particular food waste down the drain and disposal at all. Grease and oil, coffee grounds, eggshells, vegetable scraps, and water-absorbent foods like pasta and rice shouldn’t be put in a garbage disposal.  

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Plumbing on the Edge: The Dangerous World of DIY Repairs and Reasons to Avoid It

Why Homeowners Should Never Do Their Plumbing Repair

There is a whole world of entertainment devoted to DIY or do-it-yourself projects. The subject has its cable channel, and there are also hundreds of videos online via websites like YouTube and TikTok that show everything from cleaning a cast-iron skillet to changing knobs on a sink. 

While some of these videos are helpful and useful, it is good to remember that plumbing professionals undergo extensive training to do what they do, so plumbing repairs should be left to the professionals.

DIY Plumbing Lacks Experience

Nobody would want a major surgery done by someone who had not been to medical school. That person is more likely to make a person’s health worse than better. It is a similar situation with plumbing repair. 

Before calling themselves plumbers, they must undergo multiple years of training and pass exams for licenses and certifications. They also have specialized tools that can help them repair whatever plumbing problem they come across and analyze and diagnose the problem. 

Several symptoms look very similar but may stem from different problems.

  • Slow Moving Drains: This can be a symptom of a simple clog or a much larger problem like a collapsed drain pipe or encroaching tree roots. It may involve clearing the line or digging the yard to replace the pipe.
  • Low Water Pressure:  A sudden change in water pressure that seems sourceless can be due to a few things. There may be a leak in a supply pipe, problems with various valves, or hard water buildup in the lines or the fixtures.
  • Rust Colored Water: This symptom can indicate a wide range of problems, from aging pipes to needing a new water heater.

If a homeowner misdiagnoses their problem, it could lead to frustration and wasted time and money. This leads right into the following argument.

DIY Plumbing Does Not Save Time

clockWhile working with a plumbing company to find an appointment that fits a particular schedule may seem daunting, there is no way for the average homeowner to save time by doing it themselves. Because plumbing technicians are familiar with the issues, they can much more easily fix the problem than someone trying to learn how to do it for the first time. 

If the problem is misinterpreted and the homeowner gets the wrong part, they have used up time that could have been better spent elsewhere. However, the professional would have the correct position on their fully stocked truck and can install it with ease. Additionally, professional service is important because if parts are not installed correctly, it may prove dangerous for the household and cause structural damage and personal injury. 

DIY Plumbing Does Not Save Money

save Saving money is one of the primary reasons people try fixing their own plumbing. In theory, it is sound reasoning, but homeowners often fail to consider certain factors. Here are a few of the things that save clients money when they work with a professional plumber:

  • Insurance to cover the cost of mistakes or damage
  • Proper tools
  • Proper training
  • Knowledge 

Homeowners will have peace of mind even if something doesn’t go as planned, and they will not have to pay for any damage that may be done as a result of any mistakes.

About Heidler, Inc.

Heidler, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company that has served Annapolis, MD, and the surrounding areas since 1947. They pride themselves on putting their customers first and offer emergency assistance and flat-rate pricing on all their plumbing services. Call them today for plumbing services in Annapolis, MD.