Three Ways to Prevent Plumbing Problems

Flush Those Plumbing Worries Good-Bye! 

All it takes is one plumbing problem to turn the household upside down. However, many plumbing problems are preventable. From leaking pipes to clogs and more, plumbing problems can cost a great deal of money if not taken care of properly. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to prevent plumbing disasters this summer. This blog post will discuss three simple tips that can help keep the plumbing safe and problem free all season long.

Being Mindful of Plumbing Leaks 

leakIf a homeowner suspects that they have a leak, they should address the problem immediately. Leaks do not get better on their own. If anything, they get worse, wasting water and causing further damage. But how does one detect a leak before it becomes a plumbing disaster? Homeowners can check their water meters to check for leaks and look out for warning signs. Here are some common signs of a leak homeowners should know: 

  • If a homeowner notices mold growth, water stains, or dampness, this could point to a hidden leak. 
  • If a homeowner hears running water and there isn’t a water-using appliance or fixture turned on, this could also point to a leak. 
  • If the water bill is much higher than average without explanation, this points to a leak. 
  • If there is low water pressure from the plumbing fixtures, it can indicate a leak.

Not Pouring Grease, Fats, or Oils Down the Drain 

drainSummer is a time for outdoor activities and cooking delicious meals with friends and family. While it’s easy to get distracted by the fun times, it’s important to remember not to pour any grease, fats, or cooking oil down drains when cleaning up after grilling or cooking.

Grease, fats, and cooking oil can quickly build up in drain pipes, forming tough clogs requiring professional services to clear out. When they cool, these substances harden and can catch any other debris going down the drains to form blockages. To prevent blockages due to fats, grease, or oil build-up, pour leftover oils into an old container and discard them properly in the trash once it cools. Take the proper precautions this summer to protect your plumbing from clogs and the issues they can cause for the home.

Prioritize Maintenance and Professional Drain Cleaning  

It’s essential to consult a trained plumber routinely because plumbing systems are sophisticated networks that need periodic maintenance. By scheduling regular maintenance for the plumbing system, homeowners can help prevent issues such as clogged drains, slow-running toilets, or water leaks. 

Regularly cleaning out drains ensures that debris doesn’t build up over time and cause blockages. This will also help prevent foul odors in the home from backed-up sewer lines and prevent burst pipes caused by clogs. Additionally, having a professional inspect the entire plumbing system can detect potential problems before they become serious issues requiring costly repairs or replacements. 

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Spring Showers & Plumbing Problems

Prevention Tips for April Shower-Fueled Plumbing Troubles

Spring showers are a welcome reprieve from the cold weather of winter. The rain brings the gorgeous greenery of spring to life. Despite the beauty of spring, these showers can contribute to problems with a home’s plumbing. Preparing for the inevitable deluge of spring showers now can help prevent any plumbing problems later into spring and summer. 

Keep reading to find out common plumbing problems brought on by spring rainstorms and how to effectively prevent them from harming a home. 

Saturated Soil Struggles

Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers, but seldom do homeowners think about the conditions underneath their colorful lawn. The truth is, a green lawn or even a muddy one can hide a treacherous problem lurking underground. Overly saturated soil is frequently indicated by standing water, or rushing water issues over topsoil, and even root rot or browning leaves on rooted plants. 

But why is saturated soil an issue for a home’s plumbing system? The answer is pretty simple: erosion. As water seeps underground, it can lead to soil degradation, which can cause pipes to collapse underground. When this happens, plumbing is more likely to leak into the soil around the home or even flow back into the house. This can be an exceptional problem when it comes to sewer pipelines sinking or bowing underground. 

Preventing saturated soil starts and ends with directing water away from the home. Ensuring proper drainage and keeping ground drains clear and flowing away from the house will help prevent bowing pipes. 

Wet cement foundation of a house

Foundation & Slab Leaks 

Water is a remarkable source of pressure on a home’s foundation. Oversaturated soil feeds foundation and slab leaks, turning them into a monster of a problem. As the soil surrounding a home becomes saturated, it begins to swell, building pressure and pushing up against the foundation of the house. Over time cracks develop as the water pushes into the foundation. 

Signs of foundation leaks include flooding in the basement, excessive humidity, or mold in a home’s basement or lower level. Repairs to a foundation can be labor-intensive and require professional assistance to ensure that the cracks and holes are repaired correctly and effectively with cement, waterproofing, or other sealant materials.

Busted Buried Pipes

Spring may bring warmer days, but the nights can still be pretty cold. In fact, burst pipes are surprisingly common during spring weather. There are two main reasons for burst pipes occurring in the summer, and they work in tandem with each other to create a broken underground mess.

Person working on underground pipesFirst and foremost, springtime means more moisture for the pipes to deal with. Soil saturates, spring rains bring water flooding through pipes, and overall the outdoor drains, indoor sump pumps, and underground pipes undergo more work. Combining the increased presence of water with the deep chill that spring nights can still bring spells trouble for pipes. 

Burst pipes can wreak havoc inside and outside a home. Underground pipes can flood the basement and lower levels of a house with water and sewage, creating a hazardous living environment and thousands of dollars in damages. Repairing outdoor pipes can require excavation, heavy equipment, and a lot of hours working with plumbers. It’s best just to avoid the whole situation with the proper prevention. 

If there’s a freeze warning or if frost is still collecting on the grass overnight, there is a chance pipes can burst. It’s important to keep hoses and water fixtures outside unplugged until the last freeze date has passed. Additionally, keeping water moving through the home with a dripping faucet will help prevent any surprise freezes at night.

Keeping the water of spring showers away from the home can help prevent these unenjoyable springtime plumbing problems, leaving homeowners free to smell the spring flowers and enjoy those April showers!

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