Eco-Friendly Appliances and Fixtures Homeowners Should Install for Earth Month

Make Plumbing More Eco Friendly This Earth Day

This Earth day, homeowners should be focusing on getting and using eco-friendly and energy-efficient appliances. Although plumbing mainly deals with water and water conservation, it also has a connection with electricity since the water needs to be heated and used. Thankfully there are water-saving appliances, energy-efficient fixtures, and unique pipe materials to help save water and energy. 


Look for Water-Saving Appliances

Water-saving appliances are a favorite for many homeowners because they help the environment and save them money each month! A popular water-saving appliance at the moment is the smart washer.

There are washing machines that use smart technology and are often connected to Bluetooth or the internet. It works to ensure that the right amount of water is used for the size of a load of laundry and no more is being wasted. It also requires less energy than standard non-smart washing machines.

An eco-friendly toilet is also a great water-saving appliance as it saves water with each flush since it requires less water to flush the toilet. An example of an eco-friendly toilet is a dual flush toilet.

Touch faucets have a motion sensor that senses a person’s hand and only then starts the water. This ensures that the water is not overused. When a homeowner does not need the water, it automatically turns off and waits for the sensor to be tripped again.

Energy-Efficiency Fixtures and Appliances

water heater

Some other appliances and fixtures also related to plumbing focus on energy efficiency instead of water conservation. For example, water heaters that are energy-efficient use minimal electricity to work. One such water heater is a tankless water heater.

Other energy-efficient appliances are water-saving toilets and showerheads. The water-saving toilets don’t use a lot of energy if any at all. The water-saving showerheads are personalized so that homeowners can get creative with their features, and they also use less energy with hot water as they change pressure and longevity. 

Pipe Materials 

One eco-friendly plumbing option that is often forgotten is pipe insulation. These materials wrap around a pipe to keep the hot and cold temperatures insulated. While a stainless steel pipe is best at not corroding, it does leak a lot of heat, forcing the electricity and the water to work harder.

The best thing about carefully choosing pipe materials is that they each have different benefits. Professional plumbers are likely to recommend a foam-like material to homeowners. This material does a great job at insulating and is often used in locations where it reaches freezing temperatures during the winter. This insulating material keeps the pipe safe from breaking, bursting, and cracking and traps the temperature inside.

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