Be Thankful For Plumbers During This Holiday Season

Essential Services Provided by Plumbers 

There are a lot of things to be thankful for around the Thanksgiving season. As colder temperatures move in it’s nice to stay cozy in a heated home. Even more, it’s nice to not have to put on a coat to draw water from a well or visit the outhouse. Plumbers do a lot during the year to ensure people have access to the amenities that make life easier. This year, they want to remind homeowners about the hard work plumbers do. 

The plumbing in a home is a complicated system that requires professional installation and repair to keep it running. Here are some of the responsibilities that plumbers have that make things easier for everyone else. 

Servicing Water and Sewer Lines

sewer linePlumbing is comprised of two separate systems: freshwater and sewer. Both are equally important for safety, sanitation, and convenience. The freshwater system consists of all of the piping that starts at the water meter for a home. The pipe runs underground until it reaches the home at which point it branches off to serve the water heater and all of the points of use that people are familiar with. But what good is all that fresh water if there is no way to get rid of it once it is used? The result would be a nasty unhealthy mess without sewer service. 

Plumbers work hard to make sure both systems are functioning. From the first pipe that is installed in a new home to the last foot of buried sewer pipe, their expertise keeps things healthy and safe. Without water and sewer line repairs, no one could clean, bathe or use the bathroom. 

Fixing Gas Line Leaks 

Thanksgiving is the day of feasting all over the nation. Since so many people are traveling, guests will need a hot shower, made possible by plumbers. Many water heaters in homes are powered by gas carried in professionally-installed plumbing. 

Without high safety standards and professional service, accidents from gas leaks would be far more common. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and can cause fires and explosions. Gas leak detection and repairs are a very important part of the job and another great reason to be thankful for plumbers. 

Water Heater Services

water heaterIs there anything worse than being cold and wanting to warm up in a hot shower only to be met with cold water? Water heaters are essential appliances in every home, and plumbers ensure they work properly with professional installation, repairs, and maintenance. 

Water heater repairs and maintenance are a vital part of a plumber’s scope of responsibilities. To keep a water heater running efficiently, they perform crucial tasks like:

  • Draining and flushing the tank 
  • Inspecting burners and heatings elements
  • Repairing leaks in fittings
  • Inspecting anode rods and replacing them when necessary

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