What’s Different Between Residential and Commercial Plumbing?

Residential Vs. Commercial Plumbing

During the education of plumbers, they must undergo training and testing to be able to perform the various aspects of plumbing regardless of whether it is residential or commercial. After their master’s certifications are complete, many plumbers choose to specialize in one or the other based on the type of work they prefer to do. Some, however,  like the variety of challenges presented by opening themselves up to both the residential and commercial plumbing sectors. 

The distinction between residential and commercial plumbing may be unclear to people looking for a good plumber, so local plumbers in Annapolis are here to provide information on the differences between the two. 

scaleThe Size of the Work

The size of the work is one of the major differences between residential and commercial plumbing jobs. This is reflected in both the size of the installation and the size of the material used. In a typical residential dwelling, freshwater lines rarely exceed one inch in diameter. Sewer lines are typically three to four inches. These sizes are all that is necessary to carry out normal residential plumbing requirements. 

When commercial systems are installed, they can require freshwater lines up to and exceeding six inches in diameter with much higher pressure than residential systems. Sewer lines are also adequately sized to be able to handle the drainage from any industry. 

The technology and equipment necessary to install such large systems are completely different from installing residential systems. This is why many plumbers choose to stick to one or the other. 

Commercial Systems are More Complex

Residential plumbing systems only require small freshwater and gas inputs and reasonably sized sewer outputs to meet building codes. On the other hand, commercial plumbing can require massive amounts of inputs and outputs that aren’t familiar to most people. A commercial plumber, for example, that is called on to install a boiler for process steam will have to plumb huge gas lines as well as high-pressure steam and condensate lines for the boiler to be able to operate. This is highly specialized equipment and beyond the scope of work for a typical residential plumber. 

As a result, commercial plumbing systems are much more complicated than a typical residential system. 

The Stakes are Higherletters

Due to the size of commercial plumbing installations, more people are affected than would be in a residential setting. While an interruption in plumbing service in a home is an inconvenience to a couple of people, an interruption in plumbing service in a commercial setting may prevent a business from serving customers as well as causing workers to be sent home due to shutdowns. 

Because commercial plumbing is more complex, there is a higher chance for problems to occur. When problems arise in high-pressure water, gas, or chemical lines, there is a far greater chance that someone could get hurt when a problem occurs. This is why commercial plumbers take safety so seriously, and why they are so proud to advertise that they serve commercial customers. 

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