Use Plumbing Decorations to Improve Your Holiday Decor!

How Plumbing Decorations Can Add to Your Holiday Decor

During the holidays, houses on every street are decorated to match the festive feel of the holiday. But what happens when your holiday lawn scene is interrupted by unsightly plumbing and pipes? Far from being a nuisance, unsightly plumbing can be decorated to become part of your holiday decor.

Here are some tips and tricks to decorate your unsightly plumbing and add to the festive feeling of your holiday decorations.

Dress Up Your Outdoor Plumbing

outdoor plumbingMany homes with crawl space foundations have decks and patios that are raised above the ground. This setup often results in water pipes and other plumbing being seen underneath the deck or patio. The last thing you want to deal with is unsightly outdoor plumbing that runs right through your holiday scene.

Use these tips and tricks to disguise your plumbing while creating your holiday wonderland. First, wrap piping in wire and fabric ribbon to mimic a candy cane. The candy cane effect is best with red ribbon on white piping.

You can also match the color scheme of your decor should you choose. White piping will work well with any color ribbon. Second, hide water spigots behind statues or inflatable decor. Use the spigot to tie down statues for extra support. Using spigots as support allows them to remain accessible while staying hidden and out of the way.

Kitchen Faucet Decor

The kitchen is an enjoyable place to add some holiday decor and charm. While you can decorate the cupboards and add festive plates and vases to your countertops, the kitchen faucet often goes overlooked. Here are a few easy ideas to incorporate your kitchen faucet into the festive holiday scene. Use wire and fabric ribbon to create a candy cane effect.

kitchen faucet

Tie a bow or wrap the faucet with a strand of outdoor battery-operated holiday lights. To give your faucet and extra whimsical feel, use brown pipe cleaners to add reindeer antlers to the highest part of your faucet. Even adding a ribbon scarf can make a dull sink look fun and festive.

Don’t Forget Your Bathroom Plumbing

bathroom plumbingThere are many options if you want to decorate your bathrooms for the holidays. The guest bathroom is an excellent place to add some holiday decor to your home. Cover your toilet seat and lid with festive themed covers.

Many toilet mat sets come with a floor mat as well, completing the picture. Add festive shower curtains and a brightly colored shower mat, and you’ll have a complete holiday scene to the delight of your guests.

Add battery operated outdoor lights to the surround of your shower, sink, or mirror for a fun glow that becomes a nightlight when the house lights are off. Holiday lights are perfect for helping guests find their way when they spend the night in your home.

Trust Your Local Plumber

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