Don’t Let Kitchen Clogs Ruin Summer Cookout Fun!

Keep Kitchen Sinks Clear this Fourth of July!

Summer is in full swing, which means fun festivities with family and friends are not too far behind! With so many gatherings on the horizon, homeowners will want to make sure to give extra special care to their kitchens to ensure that they can keep up with all the barbecue fun.

Speaking of mayhem, given that there will be much chaos in the kitchen (and in the sinks for sure), homeowners should employ best practices to avoid clogs. After all, the last thing homeowners probably want is to have to deal with pesky clogs when they are relying on their kitchens for all the summer cookouts!

Do NOT Deposit Coffee Grounds and Excess Food Waste

food on a drain protectorThe first and one of the most important pro tips to prevent kitchen clogs is to avoid depositing coffee grounds and excess food waste. Beginning with coffee grounds, the issue here is that grounds tend to clump when they come in contact with water. This means that when homeowners send coffee grounds down the drain and run water, the grounds will clump and lead to potential backups.

In turn, excess food waste can lead to heavy backups – especially when combined with coffee grounds! Too much food waste can lead to very foul smells, and when a buildup starts, it sure is difficult to stop it. If homeowners are dealing with large food waste, they should consider putting a portion of it in the trash and the remainder down the drain.

Do NOT Deposit Grease of Any Kind

The second and perhaps more important pro tip to prevent kitchen clogs is to never ever deposit grease down the drain. The primary reason why grease is the top culprit of kitchen clogs is that it is sticky and takes different physical forms depending on temperature. That is, when grease is hot, it is liquid – and that is the time when many homeowners are tempted to pour it down the drain.

But the thing that happens is that grease begins to solidify as it cools. So solid, sticky grease will line the drain as it cools and start to adhere to food or other waste being sent down the drain. This will make the drain highly prone to clogging and can be a huge problem, so homeowners should avoid ever putting grease down their drains.

Consider Investing in a New Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal taken apartLastly, one of the best tools homeowners can use to counter kitchen sink clogs is to invest in a new garbage disposal. These appliances are critical and provide a whole host of advantages to homeowners and their families:

  • Decreases time for post-meal cleanups
  • Decreases volume of trash
  • Reduces foul odors

Importantly, above all else, garbage disposals break down waste, which reduces the probability of clogging. Homeowners should seek professional help with the installation of their new garbage disposals. Professionals can install garbage disposals quickly and efficiently, and this new appliance will be absolutely life-changing!

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