UV Air Purifier Installation in Annapolis

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Did you know that the air inside your home can be just as polluted, if not worse than the air outside? Fireplaces, tobacco smoke, paint and household cleaners are all common sources of indoor air pollution. While central and forced air systems have air filters that protect you and your family from contaminants, most of these filters remove particles only up to a certain size. That’s where UV Air Purifications systems come in.

Heidler, Inc. is committed to substantially improving the air quality in your Annapolis, MD home with professional UV air installation services. We can help you harness the power of UV light to clean the air in your home.

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How Do UV Air Purifiers Work?

UV (ultraviolet) light air purifiers are a form of technology designed to remove microorganisms such as mold, viruses, bacteria and mildew from the air to improve indoor air quality. They use UV rays to destroy these microbial particles and neutralize them before they get into your ducts and circulate in your home.

The UV air purifier kills small, living microbes that are not typically caught by physical air filters. As such, it is a supplement rather than a replacement for the mechanical air filter you already have with your home’s HEPA filter attachment or forced air system.

Benefits of Installing a UV Light Air Purifier

Keeping you and your family safe and comfortable with improved indoor air quality is certainly one of the key benefits of installing a UV light air purifier in Annapolis. Additional benefits to consider include:

  • Improved airflow: UV air purifiers help to prevent the microbial buildup on duct surfaces, air filters, cooling coils and drain pans. As a result, your airflow and heat exchange will improve significantly.
  • Reduced energy costs: Once you have improved airflow, your HVAC system can function more efficiently and reduce energy consumption.
  • Prevent mold growth: UV air purifiers prevent mold spores from being able to reproduce, hindering their growth and spreading.

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Who Should Install a UV Air Purifier?

Do you live in an area with excessive dust or struggle with allergies? Perhaps you own a dog who sheds. Air purifiers help to fill in the indoor air quality gap in such scenarios as well as:

  • Those with breathing problems and asthma
  • Smokers
  • Properties with mold problems
  • Those who suffer from frequent infections by viruses or bacteria
  • And more

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Don’t let the air in your home compromise your family’s health, reach out to Heidler, Inc. for professional UV light air purifier installation in the Annapolis, MD area. Call us at (410) 268-7191 to speak to an experienced technician and schedule service.